Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I came across this video, after watching the small parts of it on the KBS World channel. I ended up liking it, because of the cute acts between the two characters. Well, I know them well, it's IU, the talented female solo singer, and is the youngest out of all other solos, and also not forgetting the oh-so-famous-for-ripping-his-shirt-or-showing-cool-six-packed-abs : Lee Joon of MBLAQ, a protege group mentored by Rain.

My Heart is Beating. by K.Will.

Video is from : starshipTV @ YouTube.com

Ohmona!!! They made the cutest pair ever, y'all!! The music video is fun and enjoyable, even they don't really talk to each other, but they do have special ways of communicating and sharing their love and care. A must-watch!!

K.Will's photo source : here.

Well, I don't exactly understand what's the singer, K.Will singing, because I've yet mastered the Korean language, but the acting from Lee Joon and IU gives me the ideas of the things he's trying to deliver. Indeed, this is so gonna be in the list of F's favourite MVs!!

Photo source of IU : here.
Photo source of Lee Joon : here.

Simple ways of declaring your love to your beloved!!

F says :

Love others as you love yourself. :))

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nurain said...

ahhh!!!!comel sangat!pengsan..june memang chumelll..iu tak payah cakap la~