Sunday, April 24, 2011


My two almost ultimate hearthrobs, are now, one is engaged, and another is married, for real. The heart is slightly bruised, and a little bit affected by the news. ;(

Ashraf Muslim is engaged to a doctor-to-be.

 News & picture source from here.

Despite the broken heart, I still have to cheer for the purple-themed engagement tho, because it just looked fabulous!! The guy who stole my heart from his acting in 'Ustaz Amirul', Mister Ashraf looked handsome as always, and somehow, deep inside me, I feel happy for him. Heee. :))

p/s : Purple and white are the IT things y'all!!!

Eddie Cibrian weds Le Ann Rimes.

 News & picture source from here.

Oh my Jesse!! I love him from the first time I saw him in CSI: Miami. Normally, I would be Googling for more info, but in his case, I didn't. I just enjoy watching him as 'Jesse' without desiring to know more about him, because he's just too gorgeous ;P. I just found out about his marriage to Rimes so randomly, because the news appeared when I was browsing the MSN site. Sob sob sob. But hey, he's tied with one of my favourite country artistes, it's LE ANN RIMES y'all!! *dancing to 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' right now*

Frustrated?? Yes, indeed I am. But I'm so happy for them that their partner/partner-to-be happens to suit my likings tho. Hahaha. Who am I to judge??

F says :

Purple rocks!!

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