Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recommended : Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce at GIANT Food Court

It was a day after our trip to McDonald's. The sudden urge of going out just came into my mind, well, at that time, I just didn't care wherever to go, as long as I could just unwind. Discussion's done, car's rented, there we went. As usual, Mira drove us, with Faie as her co-driver.

As soon as we reached GIANT Hypermarket, without taking a glance to any other place, we went straight away to the food court, and to be exact, the western food stall. My oh my, the prices were slightly increased from before, but, there were we with hungry stomach, we placed the order. That time, I went for Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce.

The chicken pieces, yes, pieces, they were in pieces, were grilled, well, I could see it's more to frying, but with less oil. Served with a mountain of french fries, I was a bit lucky, because Srii [with her lamb chop] and Mira [with her chicken chop, didn't get as much french fries as mine. Teeeeheeee. :))
Served with black pepper sauce on top of the chicken, the sauce actually made my day, the coleslaw, next to the chicken, yes, they're all combined together in a leaf-shaped plate. Well, maybe because I wasn't a picky eater, therefore, anything I ate whenever I felt hungry, all would taste just good. Ngeee. Oh, the spiciness of the black pepper quickly turned me sweating, thus I couldn't resist myself from having something cold.

It's the Oreo Mocha Ice-blended with Pearls. Srii's was the left one, in the green colour, it's the honeydew.

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce : RM 9.50

Lamb Chop : RM 11.50

Chicken Chop : RM 9.50

Oreo Mocha Ice-blended with Pearls : RM 4.40

Honeydew with Pearls : RM 2.40 [if I were not mistaken]

The food court also has other stalls of foods server in claypots, yong tau foo,  variety of fishes and seafood grilled in Portuguese style [the sauce was awesome!!], Nasi Lemak, Mamak food and the list goes on.

The journey to GIANT from IIUM Kuantan, through IM2 takes less than 30 minutes. If you feel like having the Western-styled food for lunch or dinner, and at the same time, want to get some groceries, yes, your destination should be the GIANT Hypermarket.

Oh, before I forget, there is one famous place that most IIUM-ians would go for Western Food. It's in Tanjung Lumpur, namely SANTAI Restaurant. You can read the review from Anna's entry of the food offered and the restaurant ambience.

F says :

Eating keeps me sane and away from stress.


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