Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life updates

Well, I feel so apologetic towards myself, for being unable to keep the consistency of blogging. I mean, I take blogging seriously and insya-ALLAH, passionately, because this is the medium that allows myself to be expressed freely. But, with all the due dates of assignments are just around the corner, the so-called quizzes and also the upcoming presentations, oh have I mentioned the replacement classes too, I just couldn't put my focus on my blog for the time being.

Plus, the past few days had been quite hard for me, well, I got sick, the fever just went on and off, which made me a little bit stressed, not to list, the cold and sore throat, too, I got tired  pretty much easily everyday.

Final examinations are coming within 2 weeks or less, and I have yet to prepare myself for any subject, for God's sake!! Oh my!! Well, I'll try my best tho. Nothing can beat hard work, but too bad, I'm just too lazy for anything.

My roommates and I still cook almost everyday, whenever one of us gets leisure time. It's cool, because, we don't have to walk  for miles *lies* to the cafe, we save money and everyone has a happy tummy, too. Oh, I've been lessening the portion of my food lately, not because I'm trying on a new diet, but my sore throat, cold and fever combination, actually decrease my eating appetite. And I even take hours *lies again* to finish the so-called small portion of food.

And  I went for Jenazah Management Course yesterday. It was informative, motivated, and inspiring. I wish to go for more workshops, well, my facilitator really went for a lot ones, and even had the real experiences of bathing the mayyit [deceased body] in the hospital. I'll tell this sooner or later, for more, if only I have the memory of promising writing this in the future. Hahaha.

Cheers for now. I have to finish the other half of my breakfast since half an hour ago, it's fried rice, yo!! Oh, I'm going to share my admiration towards this one famous blogger, who I start to look up to these few days. Her words are just too soulful. It's calling me to get back to optimism that I used to hold to. Guess who?


F says :

The blog would most probably be neglected.
[Oh, every time I say that, 
I'll just end up updating almost everyday.]

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