Friday, March 25, 2011

I learnt the hardest way.

Things hadn’t gone so well for me lately. They didn’t come from the pressures of assignments and presentations, well, I actually learnt how to deal with the pressure since a whilst,  but it’s the attitude. Yes, you read it right, a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e. Whose?? Mine. Obviously.

From what happened, there’s a lot to conclude.

# I learn how to act cool whenever a friend of mine turned down my offer.
# I learn how to deal with people who give me hurtful remarks, even they themselves fail to notice that.
# I learn how to make the sweetest face ever even when my words are being ignored.
# I learn how to stay calm when people claim that I’ve forgotten them already and never make any effort to be together again.
# I learn how to keep smiling even though I’m crying hard inside.
# I learn how to laugh out loud at jokes that sometimes are not even funny to the bit.
# I learn how to adapt and mingle around though I’ve forgotten how, that I need to be approached first, only then you can get to know me.

I cried hard few nights ago. Alone. After the phone conversation with my family. Not that I cried because I missed them so much, nor that because I told them anything that happened to me, I just cried, just because. For no reason at all. And too bad, I felt all alone, had no one to turn to. No YM-guy that would cheer me up anymore. No group-hug with my friends, no more. I only had HIM. Took an Actifed and slept. Woke up on the next morning with no memories of it, for a while.

F says :

Can’t believe myself, for actually drafting this first in the Microsoft Word.
Worried that the wi-fi connection won’t cooperate with me, that’s why.


sri said...

i always draft my entry in notepad first. hihihih!! :DD

gabanMorka said...

from most of your conclusion, i guest you are the pretender rite? faking like nothing happens but actually u' hurt inside

it will make you sick in time
trust me