Wednesday, March 23, 2011


[1] I am a Biotech student, was no longer a Pharmacy student, since I registered in IIUM Kuantan last July 2010. I hope this would clear the confusion that some of you may have, because, some seemed clueless about my current course whenever they bumped into me, and asking how I am doing in the Pharmacy classes.

[2] I had the Bahasa Melayu presentation last night, and few minutes before our group's turn, managed to take a tablet of Actifed [cold medication]. Ours was the last one, and I was glad that we 'killed' it. Alhamdulillah. Not in the sense that we're better than others, but it's because we did our very BEST.

[3] I'm losing appetite. During the day, I could still eat as usual, but when it comes to night, my tummy keeps rocking on, but I feel nauseous of even thinking of the food only.

[4] My final exams are starting next week. 7 days away.

31/03/2011 - Bahasa Melayu for Science

02/04/2011 - Islam, Knowledge and Civilization

05/04/2011 - Principles of Biochemistry

08/04/2011 - Biostatistics

10/04/2011 - Molecular Cell Biology

14/04/2011 - Calculus

[5] My batch is organizing the barbecue on 16th, right on the same day with my cousin's wedding. I'll try my best to be at both.

[6] My wishlist is growing, but I have no money. The TVXQ CD is RM95, so is the SPAO jumper that I badly want.

[7] I miss Aiman everyday.

[8] I'm glad that I am blessed with awesome family and friends.

[9] Alhamdulillah, I recovered from the fever, even I'm no longer having runny nose, but I'm still having trouble to breathe properly.

[10] Oh, I'll have another presentation to morrow morning. This time, it's for Biostatistics, with the topic of Probability.

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I'm letting go.

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