Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happiness overloaded.

Now, I have a strong and solid reason to stay single. Why?? Because I am blissful enough from seeing and sharing other's happiness. Yes, Angah. This one goes for you, though I don't even know when you would be reading this.

O Allah, thanks for the happiness that You have blessed upon her. I pray to you, hers would last until death shall do them apart. Protect them, o Allah, from anything.

I'm glad she found the love of her life [insya-Allah]. The one who thinks of the future, and even takes care of it. Thank you for coming into my sister's life, and please, do not ever cross the line. Do not ever break her heart, too. I'll hunt you to the end of the world if you ever think of that. You'll be together till the end of time, insya-Allah.

I just can't stop smiling all the time, since last night. It's a good thing that I texted her so randomly, and now, I'm just too happy. I start to forget my eagerness to get married early *coughs*, I start to get over the past love and crushes, that's all thanks to HER. I'm grateful to you, o Allah for this happiness. Wishing that this would be never ended.

F says :

I'm in love.


Cik NurulZaty said...

what happened?

angah dah dilamar ke apa?

lama x dgr cite sal angah..

cite la..nk tau gakk

SyerAgh said...

jodoh di tngan tuhan... awek.. haih..