Monday, March 28, 2011

Guilty or Not Guilty?

My plan was almost ruined. I mean, my plan wasn't exactly planned as proper as it should, because it was just planned based on my so-called hunches only. My plan?? To keep away from eating rice for dinner. Heeeee.

But that didn't stop me from munching some other edible stuffs, like this bread.

It's the Rotiboy's Cheese Tuna. Though it had gone some kinds of improvisations in terms of the look [well, I used to eat this before whenever I had a chance to approach the Rotiboy outlet in the East Coast Mall], the taste was just the same.

I never ate with so much guilt inside, because it's already past 12. I even apologised to my tummy, saying that I really had to consume some food if I were to continue finishing the Biochemistry's Lipid Metabolism chapter. Sounded so idiot, right??  It's not that I hadn't had my dinner, it's the Burger Ayam Special, but with no bread, which was obviously not satisfying my hunger needs enough.

I'm so sorry my dear tummy, that was to be my *ehem-ehem* last time eating something's kinda heavy when it's already midnight. Now' I'm too full from eating the Cheese Tuna and a glass of lukewarm water.

Excuse the blurry pics of Cheese Tuna, I was just to lazy to retake, re-snap, re-shoot or whatever you called it.

Rotiboy's Cheese Tuna = RM 2.20

F says :

Gotta go!!
Got 5 pages left for this chapter.

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