Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am not mad, I am not sad. I am neither happy. I am just so confused. So much in confusion that makes me wanting to run away, to nowhere. 

#1 Someone claimed I'm nowhere when I'm just here.

#2 I am not sure whether Mr New Crush has gotten himself a GF or not, if yes, I'm glad for him.

#3 Because that way, I'll have less burden in my heart.

#4 My girls reported that Mr Old Crush has a lot of crushes. Again, I'm glad.

#5 One of the crushes has enough courage to pursue him publicly, even she hasn't confessed yet.

#6 Well, I'll just stay the way I am right now. I'll just watch from afar, though it's been a while since I last saw him.

#7 The simplest and littlest act of Mr Old Crush, turned my teary eyes into the brightening ones, turned my burdened heart into a happy one, made my lips curved into a smile. And not to mention, how much my heart is fluttering although I just see his name.

#8 I admit, I can't still get over him yet, even though I thought I did.

#9 I really wish that I won't be seeing him for the time being, because my heart is still in unstable condition.

#10 Seriously, Mr New Crush is not someone to be compared to Mr Old Crush. Mr Old Crush seems way better than him, but I believe, both have their own charms. When I say charm, it is not something to do with physical appearance.

F says :

I wonder what my heart actually wants.


RS said...

ah~~ crushes. I'm at a phase where crushes no longer exist. It's something of the past and I don't really care about them anymore. =/ cos I know what I want and it's just easier to deal with now. =)

don't be confused. you'll look back and laugh at this truuust me! I used to be so stressed over crushes back in high school. and when I read my diary NOW as a uni student, I can't stop laughing at how dramatic I was.

I know ou'll be like that, too!


Grace Low said...

Lol crush. :)