Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recommended : Teriyaki Chicken Steak at Black Canyon Coffee

Delicious!! Uber delicious!! A must-try for those who are new to the restaurant.

The chicken meat was seriously tender and juicy. Just nicely cooked. The accompanied fried garlic [well I think it's fried], lifted my sense to keep eating, since I really love garlics.  But till now, can't still figure out what the sauce is made of. It's thick and had a hint of soy sauce, kinda salty. Not for the ones who love a deep dip, well unless you got a high sense of saltiness. Gotta ask the waiter on the very next time there. However, seriously recommended for those with big appetite and hungry, starving stomach only.

Alhamdulillah, managed to finish that.

That came in a set of Strawberry Delight - ice-blended yogurt with strawberries, making it RM 19.90, excluding 6% government tax and 10% service charge. À la carte is only for RM 15.90.

Full story of the day can be read here.

F says :

A big eater, that is me.

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SyahmiFikri said...

pergh sedap nie!!

harus cuba d kuantan!!

nie pon jr uia kuantan erk..