Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Of the MCB exam, Abah and Mr Good Luck.

WOH!! The MCB [Molecular Cell and Biology] mid-sem exam was, erm, how to put this into words, marvellous?? Or maybe the one type of the exam that would turn you feelingless as soon as the exam finished?? Well, I'll go for the latter.

Oh my oh my oh my!!!!

I know I was like studying at the very last minute, but that didn't mean I wasn't all prepared. I wasn't also that dumb to acknowledge how the questions asked, weren't really based on the slide notes and lectures alone. Ah!! My bad my bad my bad!! I was just not good enough.

Gave Abah a ring while having the early lunch after the exam. Blabbered all about the so-called-the-hardest-ever-exam-I-have-ever-had thing, and the BESTest thing that he said, "Then what do you want me to say??" in the softest voice ever. I said,  "You can tell me that IT'S OKAY..", only to be replied with "Of course it's not okay!". Oh, my Abah, like seriously, and like always. Oh, and at least I felt better telling him that tho. Kekeke.

The exam was hard, seriously hard. But there's something that made me all-smiling and eased my pain, just few seconds before the exam. Guess what, someone's simple wish of "Good Luck!" from my back when I was about to enter the exam hall, really made my heart fluttered. I was feeling all-good, well, good enough until I saw the first question. Still, that "Good Luck!" made my day. Thanks, buddy!! I owe you that!!

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I guess, this how a student like me live and go through a student's life. Gotta struggle harder next time.

Well, all I can say to those who put their efforts at the hardest, those who were putting the all-nighter, to those who studied at the last minute, may our efforts be rewarded by ALLAH. Keep on praying to him, never lose hopes.

F said :

Saw Mr so-called Crush.
Thank God, I didn't blush.

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