Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lab classes are no longer FUN.

Should I say the labs were such a disaster?? Oh, no no no. That's too cruel.

New rules in the lab.

1. No laughing please. Even when you laugh only with your mouth open and no sound is heard.

2. Please, discuss quietly. The meaning is, to shut your mouth completely when you discuss things. Good.

3. Do not just sit back and relax after you finish your experiment even though others have yet finished. Or else, you'll be asked various questions [read : interrogation]. You pass this stage, still, you'll be asked to do your experiment again while others are packing things already.

4. When there's calculation needed, use your brain only. No calculator, no writing equations on the paper. Oh, wait, follow the one-by-one-until-ten steps provided in front, at the whiteboard, which a 1-minute-calculation leads to 30 minutes instead.

5. The 3-hour duration of the lab class must be fully used, maximally. Do not ever attempt to finish your experiment as soon as possible, since you will only get out of the labs after 5 p.m.

6. Make an ally with the lab assistants. They are cool. And good partners, too, to join you to slack off. Lab assistants are seriously the COOLEST people in the labs.

7. Focus, PLEASE!! Or else, you may be asked to stand in front of the people for some time.

8. This is the utmost important ever. DO NOT EVER SMILE..AT ALL!!

That's all. Above, are the new rules once you entered the lab sessions of this semester. You are kindly asked to follow those above if you want to score and have a better future.

F says :

Is tired mentally..completely.
[I missed the last semester lab classes 
where we really had fun a
nd enjoyed the whole sessions.]
Oh, no offense intended to anyone.


a's said...

penat dengan orang tu!

Cik Zaty said...


lab apa yang ade rules sedemikian rupa tu???