Friday, January 14, 2011

A guy.

Is there any guy out there that I can trust my heart with??

There's this one guy. An ex of a friend. A friends asked to break up, not because for any fight in their relationship, it's because she wanted to wait until they're officially tied, meaning - married. Soon, she's already off to overseas for studies, and the guy stayed here. Months later, to my surprise, the pic at his Facebook page, currently with a new girl. Enough to say, she's his new girlfriend. Congratulations!!

Even I felt bad for my friend, inside, I felt a bit relieved. She left the guy for a good reason - that the guy was just not for her. Good. Obviously, my friend deserves someone BETTER.

Still, I'm wondering, how can his heart change so quickly and easily??

Woohoo. I'm losing trust. Not fully, but I recheck my standard for trusting guys back. If you were to be in a relationship, it means you're putting your heart at the line, too. Like it or not, you must be ready for your heart to be cherished, or worst; broken and hurt.

But hey, thanks to my optimism and positivism, I told myself again and again and again, NOT ALL GUYS are like that. Just because some are being like a jerk, doesn't mean it applies to all, right?? Good guys still exist tho.

For women, bad men are an episode in life, 
but they don’t hold onto it. 
You can insult a bad boy, 
but you can never insult a guy who treated you right.

I can't recall from whom I took the quote.

Hey, girl! I wished I could protect you more. Even though, I can't even imagine how you're feeling after knowing that fact. I guess, it's fate after all. You're just too good for him. Take care.

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