Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emotionally unstable.

I think, for now, that's how I define my current state. I guess, my emotions got very unstable when it comes to, erm, how to say this...ah, you know, when it almost comes to 'that day'. Well, that's what almost every friend claimed me to be. I would be annoying and at the same time, easily annoyed two or three days before. Then, I'll be fine [maybe].

First of all, my apology goes to anyone that feel uncomfortable with me. I could easily change my behaviour, at one time you see me smiling, then another would be me looking all-mad. I've been trying hard to keep the positive attitude and optimistic side, but I can't handle too much stress either. Especially the external ones.

As if that my internal conflicts are not enough, that I'm so not taking more from the outside. I want to look everything with so much positivity, but it's IMPOSSIBLE if you keep being my NEGATIVE factor to my life.

I won't say my life is hard, nope, it's not really actually. I always bear in mind that I've been always lucky, but you don't have to put me in blame for everything that happens.

While I'm struggling with myself, so hard that I almost forget to breathe, I don't need you to constantly whine at everything. You don't know how much your attitude affects me, that I would be acted the same to others, which I don't want to.

Oh, no, the post has been getting all-emotional, well, as expected from someone who's currently emotional.

Urgh, this is so typical of me. Okay, back to the point. Therefore, in order for me to keep being an optimist of life, DO help me. DO NOT let me be emotionally unstable like this anymore. I know that I'm so able to change to be a better person, and I HAVE to.

That's all.

F said:

Feeling so much better.

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