Saturday, December 31, 2011

F's 2011 Wrap-ups

Let me warn you in the first place, this entry is going to be super-long one, so you might want to click that X, than reading this. :)

Below, my personal memories of 2011, good and bad, happy and sad, they're all there.The order of the things happened, are very random. I'm not sure which is first, which is next, specifically. :D

1. My 21st birthday celebration had been a blast!! The best ever!! Thanks girlfriends, thanks family!

2. I'd pushed a broken car in the rain. [or was it last year?? Lost track of time already.]

3. I became a frequent visitor to Taj.

4. I entered karaoke room for the first time.

5. I mastered the chorus part of dancing for SNSD's Gee, Genie, Oh!, Hoot.

6. I studied with almost no music at all last semester.

7. Ahh, the five-month holidays.

8. I found my new soulmate - it's the Cadbury's Black Forest chocolate.

9. I can finish Cadbury's Black Forest chocolate within 5 minutes or less.

10. I bumped into my crush after hiding all these while, at the library. :)

11. I still love the sound of the raindrops, the smell that the rain brings.

12. I sleep with two blankets during Kuantan's 'winter'.

13. My best friend lost her beloved mom. :'(
[It felt so unreal that I kept slapping my arm, pinching my cheek..]

14. My weight fluctuates from January until December.

15. I found out that plain water helps a lot.

16. I read LOTS of books this year, compared to last year. Thanks to BookXcess!
[and D for introducing me to BX]

17. My girlfriends who studied in the KL/Selangor areas, came visiting me in Kuantan.

18. I've been to Big Bad Wolf book sale, twice, this year alone.
[and experienced LOTS of things!]

19. I went to IIUM Gombak for the first time after 3 or 4 years.

20. I had depression, the darkest phase of my life. :(

21. I went to a concert with my girlfriends.

22. I started to take supplements once I entered my second year.

23. The used-to-be-my-best-guy-friend got married without inviting me. Fine!

24. When you had a new crush, and he happened to be your classmate, you should just keep your mouth shut, keep your fingers froze [as in, do not blog about it at all!]

25. I'm addicted to Nicholas Sparks' novels. I want MORE!!!

26. I'm using Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion.

27. I ordered and bought JYJ's In Heaven album, the red one.
[The moment that I received the parcel..ahhh..satisfying!!]

28. I joined the futsal team of my class, and I realised how bad I was.

29. Lost my favourite yellow towel, my beloved item from the 2007 Sports Day.

30. Managed to lose some kgs early this semester, but gained some more after I started join the Maggi-party gang. :D

31. The only thing that I do in Kuantan after registering, is eating out non-stop.

32. I spent money on books and food, and it felt GOOD.

33. My SE phone had malfunctions twice or thrice this year alone.

34. I found how amazing Samsung Galaxy S2 was [and still is!], especially the white one.
[I want one!!]

35. I fainted on the second day of Eid Fitr, in a neighbour's house, and almost fainted in the toilet, here in Kuantan. :( I still couldn't find out what the causes tho.

36. Had a serious cut on my left knee after the futsal tournament.

37. Being suspected of having dengue fever, that I'd been admitted to the temporary ward, twice in a week, for the IV drip.

38. Won the contest to meet BEAST, organized by ONE HD, but couldn't go because of my #37 condition.

39. More K-pop artistes came to Malaysia - Super Junior, JYJ, miss A, U-Kiss [they came like more than twice :D], RaNia, 2PM, 2AM and the list went on.

40. I became more matured, hahahaha.

41. A lot of people took a very good care of me, anywhere, anytime. *hugs*

42. You know, sometimes, your sufferings are nothing to be compared with others. They suffered more than you all the time, but managed to keep that smile on the face, and moving forward like nothing had ever happened.

43. The mango cheesecake in Lila Wadi, is the BEST ever!!

44. Oh, I love Creme Brulee cheesecake in SR, too!!

45. My best best best friend, accidentally blurted out my long-time crush's name in front of my other girlfriends!! :D

46. Distance is merely distance, as long as you're working on your relationship, it means nothing, but only numbers. Thanks, BFFs!!

47. I donated blood this year, making that my 3rd time since 2008. :D

48. I cook and bake lesser than last year's. Talk about this lazy housewife-to-be. :)

49. Managed to restrict myself from eating fast food every week, to only once a month. YEAY!!

50. The number of entries of my blog this year, is not even half of last year's.

F says :

Love and respect. :)


Dahsyat betul. Baru je beberapa minggu lepas, dengan indahnya boleh berjaga tengah malam sehingga ke subuh, boleh stadi, boleh skodeng orang [eh?], boleh online sakan, tanpa rasa penat, tanpa rasa mengantuk. Tapi, sejak masuk minggu-minggu akhir semester yang bersamaan dengan minggu peperiksaan akhir ni, badan lesu, cepat mengantuk. Masuk je jam 12 tengah malam, automatik mata kuyu, mulut kuap tanpa dipinta.

Ahhh..petanda makin tua kah barangkali?? Mentang-mentang dah nak masuk tahun baru, badan pun mintak dinaiktaraf sama agaknya. Minta direhatkan lebih sedikit. Tapi apakan daya, banyak bab tak habis belajar lagi, nota-nota setiap saat memohon simpati agar dibaca. Pada masa yang sama, Encik Acer tidak putus-putus mencuba bermacam-macam cara agar diberi perhatian setiap waktu.

Dugaan betul. Sabarlah hati, rindu akan rumah sekalipun, perjuangan mesti diteruskan sehingga ke dakwat yang terakhir. Tenanglah minda, sesak bagai jalan-jalan raya pada musim perayaan itu sekalipun, khidmat anda masih diperlukan sehingga 15 hari bulan Januari. Kemudian, andai seluruh tubuh badan ingin diangkut ke mana-mana sekalipun, pasti dituruti.

Walau aku cuba semakkan katil dengan macam-macam, supaya nafsu tidur itu berkurang, tapi kalau dah mengantuk sambil katil menyeru untuk beradu, apakan daya...aku hanya insan yang lemah. Barang-barang yang disepahkan atas katil, dikalihkan ke tempat lain, spesifiknya, meja belajar. Ruang diberi jua untuk empunya katil untuk melelapkan mata, merehatkan diri.

F cakap :

Selamat ulang tahun ke-21, wahai Azra.

Friday, December 30, 2011

It's hard.

2011 is ending, soon, in fact, very soon. Feels like I've just celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday, and now, we're entering the new year of 2012, meaning, another year older. Yup, turning 22 very soon.

What have I achieved in 2011? I'll have to say, not much. But, there are so many memories, be it good or bad, to keep in mind. And I wish to share them all here, as to remind myself, 'I've been there, I've done that, I've gone through that etc.'.

I met new people, had the chances to know them. I met true friends, and we went through the ups and downs together,  done the most ridiculous things and travelled here and there. I found the ones who shared the same interests as I did, and could talk about them for hours.

But, there were some things that I wanted to forget. That stupid crush I had, that moments when I thought that I was falling in love while the feelings were totally unreal and fake, those who hurt my friends and many more. Ah, why all of a sudden, I feel like I'm writing an essay...?

Life must go on, as cliche as it sounds, that's the reality. Despite what had/has happened this year of 2011, the world won't stop moving just because we are being emotional, heartbroken, bla bla bla. Hey, I'm saying this from my own experience. Even if I found out Junhyung's dating Hara, it did not mean that I had to stop eating and start a hatred-based-entry against that girl. LOL. My tummy won't just stop bugging me unless I feed it with good meals. Huh?

I've started to blabber things I shouldn't, which means that I have to stop blogging for now. Well, you know, the ideas are coming non-stop whenever I tried [and still trying] to study. Hey, F, it's FINAL EXAMS, okay?? Set your mind straight, and study that notes-lah!!

F says :

16 days more.

Have you done this [/these]?

 From here.

EDITED: The bold ones, are what I've done so far. Thanks Hanis for pointing that out!

I have eaten more than 5 meals a day.
I have read a lot of books.  [but not as much as others]
I have been on some sort of varsity team.
I have run more than 2 miles without stopping.
I have been to Canada.
I have watched cartoons for hours.
I have tripped UP the stairs.
I have fallen down an entire flight of stairs.
I have been snowboarding/skiing.
I have played ping pong.
I swam in the ocean.  [swimming in my own way]
I  have been on a whale watch.
I have seen fireworks.
I have seen a shooting star.
I have seen a meteor shower. 
I have fallen for my best friend.
I have almost drowned.
I have been so embarrassed I wanted to disappear.
I have listened to one cd over and over and over again. 
I have had stitches.
I have been on the honor roll.
I have had frostbite.
I have licked a frozen pole and got stuck there.
I have stayed up til 2 doing homework/projects [more than 2, most of the time]
I currently have a job.
I have been ice skating.
I have been rollerblading.
I have fallen flat on my face.
I have tripped over my own two feet.
 I have been in a fist fight.
I have played videogames for more than 3 hours straight. 
I have watched the power rangers.
I do/did attend Church regularly.
I have played truth or dare.
I have already had my 16th birthday.
I have already had my 17th birthday.
I’ve lost weight since one year ago.
I’ve called someone stupid. And meant it.
I’ve been in a verbal argument.
I’ve cried in school.
I’ve played basketball on a team.
I’ve played football on a team.
I’ve played soccer on a team.
I’ve done dance on a team.
I’ve played softball on a team.
I’ve played volleyball on a team.
I’ve played tennis on a team.
I’ve been on a track team.
I’ve been swimming more than 20 times in my life.
I’ve bungee jumped.
I’ve climbed a rock wall.
I’ve lost more than £20.
I’ve called myself an idiot.
I’ve called someone else an idiot.
I’ve cried myself to sleep.
I’ve had (or have) pets.
I’ve owned a Spice Girls cd.
I’ve owned a Britney Spears cd.
I’ve owned an NSYNC cd.
I’ve owned a backstreet boys cd.
I’ve mooned someone.
I’ve sworn at someone in authority.
I’ve been in the newspaper.
I’ve been on TV.
I’ve been to Hawaii.
I’ve eaten sushi.
I’ve been on the other side of a waterfall.
I’ve watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies.
I’ve watched all the Harry Potter movies.
I’ve watched all of the Rocky movies.
I’ve watched the 3 stooges.
I’ve watched “Newlyweds” Nick & Jessica. 
I’ve watched Looney Tunes.
I’ve been stuffed into a locker.
I’ve been called a geek. 
I’ve studied hard for a test and got a bad grade.
I’ve not studied at all for a test and aced it. 
I’ve hugged my mom with the past 24 hours.
I’ve hugged my dad within the past 24 hours. 
I've met a celebrity/music artist.
I’ve written poetry.
I've been attracted to someone much older than me.
I’ve been tickled till I’ve cried.
I’ve tickled someone else until they cried.
I’ve had/have siblings. 
I've been to a rock concert. 
I’ve listened to classical music and enjoyed it.
I’ve been in a play. 
I’ve been picked last in gym class.
I’ve been picked first in gym class.
I’ve been picked in that middle-range in gym class. 
I’ve cried in front of my friends. 
I’ve read a book longer than 1,000 pages.
I’ve played Halo 2. 
I’ve freaked out over a sports game. 
I’ve been to Alaska.
I’ve been to China.
I’ve been to Spain.
I’ve been to Japan.
I’ve had a fight with someone on AIM 
I’ve had a fight with someone face-to-face. 
I’ve had serious converstations on an IM. 
I’ve forgiven someone who has done something wrong to me. 
I’ve been forgiven. 
I’ve screamed at a scary movie.
I’ve cried at a chick flick.
I’ve laughed at a scary movie
I’ve watched a lot of action movies.
I’ve screamed at the top of my lungs. 
I’ve been to a rap concert.
I’ve been in a car accident 
I’ve been homesick.
I’ve thrown up. 
I’ve puked all over someone.
I’ve been horseback riding. 
I’ve spoken my mind in public.
I’ve proved someone wrong.
I’ve been proven wrong by someone. 
I’ve been skateboarding.
I've been backstabbed by someone I thought was a friend. 
I’ve lied to someone to their face.
I’ve told a little white lie.
I’ve taken a day off from school just so I don’t go insane.
I’ve fainted. 
I’ve pushed someone into a pool.
I’ve been pushed into a pool
I’ve lived through a serious hurricane

F says :

I'm having fun!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rajin X Malas.

Nota aku ada dua jenis; nota rajin dan nota malas. Bukan bermaksud nota tu rajin atau malas, tapi nota tu melambangkan kerajinan atau kemalasan si tuan empunya nota.

Haa, amek kau!! Categories in objectives of Shari'ah terus.

Nombor 7 terus sebab ni sambungan nota Environmental Ethics, sebab tak cukup ruang kat kertas sebelumnya.

Boleh tengok sendiri, dan bezakan nota yang mana ditulis dengan penuh ketekunan dan kekhusyukan bagai [kononnya la kan]. Oh, gambar bukan diedit buat hitam-putih tau, dah memang guna pen hitam atas kertas putih, itulah jadinya.

Gambar diambil guna Nokia, berkamera 1.3 megapixel sajo. Dah SE kesayangan, dasar tuannya lembab nak gi hantar kedai untuk dibaiki masa balik rumah hari tu. Kalau nak gambar cantik, kena tunggu balik rumah, dapatlah nak paw Samsung ACE Iwan ke, kamera Sony Mama ke. =_='

F cakap :

Ethics petang ni woit!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Final exam and the so-called diet.

1. Woke up this morning, filled myself with a mug of warm Nescafe Mild 3-in-1.

2. While doing some notes, alternated with surfing the Tumblr, grabbled two Red Delicious apples. Blame to my laziness to grab breakfast. Hunger, starvation, famish. Okay, I'm exaggerating.

3. Felt the need to munch something. There you go, a handful of almonds. Munched 2-3 almonds, wrote one sentence, munched 2-3 almonds, wrote another sentence, until all almonds were safely munched.

4. Sleepiness came attacking, okay, let's have a mug of green tea, shall we?

5. Tasted so bitter because I refused to add the honey, took a small box of Sunmaids raisins, OMNOMNOMNOM!

F says :

The first exam will start tomorrow evening, at 3.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Deep rolling.

I know, I am so yesterday, yeah, I don't keep myself updated with new songs, especially English and Malay songs. Well, I am more into K-pop songs, but lately, even if I know what new songs coming out, but I rarely have the chances to listen to them all. Blame to my cheapskate-ness to save the download quota in my broadband.

Ahh, where was I? Oh, it's Adele's Rolling in The Deep that I want to talk about. Well, my bro plays this song like zillion times at home [ yes, I'm currently at home ], with many versions, from the original, to the ones covered by Boyce Avenue and Maddi Jane. I can even sing-a-long to the song without looking up the lyrics.

Version 1 : Rolling in the deep - Adele

Version 2 : Rolling in the deep - Boyce Avenue [acoustic cover]

Version 3 : Rolling in the deep - Maddi Jane [cover]

I just love Boyce Avenue's version, a little bit more than Adele's, well, it's because I just have a thing for acoustic songs. But my brother, though he is like a HUGE FAN of Maddi Jane, he loves Adele's more than anything, mainly because of the drum sounds in the song itself.

We could have had it all
Rolling in the deep
You have my heart inside your hand
And you played it to the beat

F says :


Saturday, December 24, 2011


Name: BLISS Yogurt drink.

All-time favourite flavour : Apple Kiwi

New love : Mixed berries.

F says :


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Taekwondo + shuffle = ??

Major awesome-ness!! Found this video in Pharell's folder, so she showed me. Can't stop myself from 'Ooohh'-ing and 'Aaahhh'-ing throughout the video.

1. Check out the girl in black, with her hair tied into ponytail.

2. The whole scene kinda reminded me to Ong Bak.

F says :

Everyday I'm shuffling, lalalala...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fasa itu.

Aku dapat rasa aku mula kembali menghampiri fasa gila itu. Sedih tak dapat nak dihentikan, muram durja sepanjang masa, letih berpanjangan. Ah, sungguh aku penat.

Aku tak kuat, tapi harus pura-pura kuat, sebab dengan cara itu sahajalah, aku dapat yakinkan diri, hati dan minda, bahawa aku masih punya sisa-sisa kekuatan dan ketabahan.

Ya, ada sesuatu berlaku, untuk sesetengah orang, boleh jadi tafsiran mereka, perkara itu sangat kecil, perkara itu sangat besar. Terpulang. Tapi aku perlu masa untuk kembali waras, kembali berfikiran rasional, kembali berhati tenang. Untuk itu, aku dah buat keputusan sendiri.

Oh, harus pancarkan senyuman sepanjang masa, walaupun itu palsu semata-mata. Sekurang-kurangnya, aura positif mampu dipancarkan, dengan harapan, kembali dipantulkan untuk aku kembali optimis. Ah, sukar menjadi seorang F yang terlalu banyak berfikir...

F cakap :

Aku bakal pulang.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fly away.

I've been listening to this song quite a long time ago, a little later from when the song was released back in 2009. Never had the effort to search for the meaning at all, because the song was [and still IS!] just so beautiful and melodic. Every part of music, every instrument played, every solo sung, every harmonization by the five of them, really complemented the song.

Bolero - Tohoshinki

Oh, mind you, this Japanese song is sung by my favourite Korean boy group ever, TVXQ, known as Tohoshinki in Japan. This one was from their The Secret Code: Tohoshinki in Tokyo Dome Live concert, so it had a bit, not much change from the studio version. where did I put the DVD...

1. Bolero - genre of slow-tempo Latin music and its associated dance and song. [source]

2. If you search the music video version of this song, you'll find one with a girl, dancing to some kind of ballet, but I'm not sure whether it's bolero or not.

3. The wounds in your heart should not just be kept to yourself.

4. It's okay to be yourself.

5. You'll find the time and place to heal yourself.

6. "yume ga tsunoru" = DREAMS do GROW! [my favourite part].

7. Hope is always there.

8. You'll eventually find the answers to the questions you've had in mind, that no one knows.

9. Just dance away, just fly away, fly to the top. You'll come across this part, my another favourite part of the song.

10. There'll always people who would - stand by your side, watch over you, continue to wish the best for you and protect you - no worries, you won't be alone.

11. Spot my Changmin!!

12. Their outfits might be the simplest, but hey, I just love them! White tees and jeans, with checkered shirts wrapped around their waists. #majorturnon

F says :

Take some time to look around you and be grateful.
Things happen for some reasons that we may not know now, but soon.
A simple reminder and motivation for myself.

Paksa diri.

1. Ya. Dipaksa rela apdet blog semata-mata nak bagi makcik sorang tu ada sesuatu nak dibaca.

2. Punyalah dalam hati dan minda dok set nak balik rumah, haa, amekau, sekali Abah telefon, cakap, "Taknak balik ke?? Baliklaa kejap." Maka harus cair hingga takat lebur paling maksima.

3. Kena ambil juga kuiz Bioprocess, chapter 10, sedangkan kawan-kawan taknak. Iyelaaa..takpe laa..sebab markah ai tak cukup makan kan. Hahaha

4. Sejak dua menjak ni, aku perasan bahawa apa yang aku larang, itu jugak yang dorang buat. Contoh, jangan tengok Hindustan malam ni sebab semalam ada orang marathon filem Hindi sakan, tapi dia syok pi layan Mohabbatein dan ending Devdas jugak.

5. Terima kasih dekat makcik kesayangan sebab ajar aku macam mana nak putihkan latar belakang blog.

6. Nak borong MAKANAN banyak-banyak-banyak pabila sampai rumah nanti.

7. Kelas Molecular Genetics, Animal Cell and Tissue Culture, Ethics and Fiqh in Everyday Life, dan Bioprocess, dah selamat habis. Tinggal kelas Plant Cell and Tissue Culture dengan Mendelian Genetics je.

8. Ada 5 lab reports dan satu esaimen kena hantar. Semuanya pasal PTC. Ahh, tak tahu teka sendirilaaa.

9. Kurang sepuluh hari lagi, paper final yang pertama bakal menjengah. Sila cuak.

10. Hari ni, lepas bukak puasa, dan lepas habis kelas Ethics, makan tak henti-henti. Dari waktu buka puasa dengan sekeping roti Butterscotch dan sebungkus nasi goreng ayam kunyit sedap habis dari Kafe Pakcik, lepas kelas sambung dengan kentang goreng, mee goreng mamak, milo ais dan Bliss Passion Fruit Orange.

11. Terdesak memerlukan kasut. Sebab dah koyak tahap sangat meyedihkan. Dahlah yang bahagian koyak rabak habis tu, semuanya kat sebelah kanan. Apa ke kaki kanan aku ni besor sangat keerrrr?

12.Telefon Nokia yang sedang digunakan ni, baterinya tak dapat tahan lebih satu hari. Kadang-kadang ikon bateri tu ada je lagi separuh, tapi tetiba terpadam sendiri. Harulah..

13. Rindu sama Sony Ericsson W508 putih tu. Memang langsung tak nak hidup gamaknya, terus merajuk ke, sayang?

14. Oh, lepas bosan baca Half Life - Roopa Farooki, maka sekarang tengah baca The Silver Compass - Holly Kennedy pulak. Okeylah setakat ni. Sebab takde unsur-unsur yang pelik sangat.

15. Akibat tebiat suka mencampak barang merata-rata, sekarang aku telah kehilangan pendrive oren 4GB tu. Sumpah lupa letak kat mana, tadi nak guna baru kalut dok cari, sekali tak jumpa.

16. Sangat homesick.

17. Semoga berjaya untuk yang nak jawab minitest pagi ni.

18. 3 buku yang dipinjam dari perpustakaan UIA Kuantan ni, dah tamat tempoh pinjam. Kena pulangkan jugak ni, kecuali yang nak guna lagi, renew kan sajooo.

19. Masjid UIA Kuantan telah selamat dirasmikan sebelum solat Zuhur semalam. Alhamdulillah. Sekarang, tiap-tiap masa solat, mesti azan berkumandang, kedengaran di hampir seluruh UIA ni.

20. Nak makan Sisters' Crispy Popiah, nak makan Teriyaki Chicken kat Black Canyon, nak makan mango cheesecake yang berkrim kat Lila Wadi, nak makan Creme Brulee cheesecake kat Secret Recipe, TAPI yang penting nak makan ayam masak merah, air tangan Mama!!

F cakap :

Terima kasih, saya sayang awak!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Stress causes acne. All over the face. At first, I thought it's because of the Cadbury chocolate that I've been munching these weeks, but I realised, I have yet touched any of my Cadbury[s] this week.

Chocolates reduce stress, cause me to be happy because they initiate the production of the very well-known hormone - endorphin, or simply known as the happy hormone. No acne, no zits.

Stress ---> acne.

Stress ---> me eating a bar of Cadbury Black Forest chocolate ---> stress is reduced ---> happiness overloaded ---> no acne.

Please ignore this girl's crazy ramblings. Thank you.

F says :

Currently, it's the acne attack.
Itchy, dry, rashes, peeling.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekly updates, huh?

Ahhh.since when do I have the so-called weekly updates; I myself also have no idea. :D

1. Finished with ALL the presentations. The Ethics one on Halal Non-food Products, was okay. I presented not that well, because I just read from the slides. And for the Leadership and Management presentation this morning, yeah, I rambled. Like a lot. I totally forgot what I had presented, I also forgot what and how I answered the questions, fired by the panelists. Oh, I even looked like a mess, too.

2. I have quite a good view of the new IIUM Kuantan's mosque from my window. Oh picture? Not now.

3. My Sone Ericsson W508, the one known as the flip phone [yeah, I know, I'm so outdated], the screen had turned all-black. Before, it was having the red screen, couldn't read the texts, until it became okay again when Ammar Aiman accidentally crashed it at home. Now, I have to survive with the Nokia phone that I brought from home. Oh, no worries, I will. :D

4. I'm sorry to say this, but I couldn't even reach the middle of Roopa Farooki's Half Life. Errr, maybe it's just me, I got bored pretty easily and quickly these days. Thought of selling it here, in my blog.

5. Now, I HAVE + MUST + SHOULD finish the two Plant Tissue Culture lab reports together with one assignment.

6. Oh, I also have to study for my final exams. Argh, just thinking of the exams gives me goosebumps.

7. When someone intends to change, there would always be obstacle. Yes, I'm talking about you, my dear. Be strong, have faith in ALLAH, and insya-ALLAH I will always give my best support for you.

8. I have a new food-crush. It's the Kuey Teow Kungfu. YUMMY!!

9. I want more Nicholas Sparks' books. Oh and I want Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now.

10. Finished NS's The Last Song in 3-4 days only. Quite an achievement for me because I normally take more than a week to finish any English novels. But I still love The Lucky One [well, I've just read these two, so I have not much to compare *sigh*]. Oh, and I heard that Zac Efron would be acting as Logan Thibault in the novel-turns-movie adaptation. I was actually imagining someone older than him, but we'll see then. Who knows, he's going to rock the role.

F says :

I would rather take the blame.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy birthday!

No wonder I just couldn't stop blogging yesterday. I didn't realize that my blog had turned 4, until I read Sarah's latest entry.

Happy Belated Birthday, dear Cikai. 

Happy Belated Birthday, dear blog. 

Happy Birthday to Xiah Junsu dearest. 

 CREDITS go to these AMAZING, AWESOME tumblr[s]

They may have reblogged that pictures and animated gifs from other Tumblr[s], so credits go also to those Tumblr[s] which I can't recall, which one is which.

F says :

She just knows the right button to click, whenever she talks to me.
And I love that side of hers. :D

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


" I like being happy, staying happy and dreaming to be happy all the time.
Not that I reject the reality that life can be sad too,
but life becomes simpler if I just keep it that way..... :) "

Alhamdulillah, I am blessed with wonderful family, awesome friends, and I thank ALLAH for these precious gifts. They have been supportive most of the time, they have been there whenever I fall, not to help me to stand up, instead for me to get back on my feet by my own.

People doubt if I really have moved on, even I, myself, am doubtful of the so-called-moving-on me. But the time has come for me to let go, well letting go seems so burdening, but at least things that happened, happens and will happen, would always be rewarding in return, it's just the matter of time that they take.

I took almost 3 years to finally be freed form the so-called-crush-feeling, because I met a new person to crush on, whom I was not supposed to. I got rid of the crush feeling towards Encik Satu, yes, because I met a new guy. Meeting new people really helps, but when it comes to a person that you're not supposed to have feelings at, it feels so wrong.

But ALLAH the Most Gracious knows better. I met Encik Satu yesterday, I even talked to him, though I couldn't meet his eyes [blame to his height, :D]. I thought, I still had that 'feeling' until I got into my room, calmed myself down, only then I realized, "Hey, I don't even have a crush on him anymore!!" In fact, I even believed that my feeling was not real at all. It was just a huge major stupid crush that I'd had.

To those who are still in the middle of moving-on process, I believe you'll move on. If not soon, later. Love and appreciate people around you, you'll never know if you'll be separated so suddenly. I've hurt a lot of people - my friends..- yet, they still stay by my side without complaining, whining, saying anything.

The time will come, when you will feel right inside you, you will know that exact feeling. Trust me not, but trust HIM, put your total trust in ALLAH. :D

F says :

I got fined today by the officers. :(


Ada sesuatu terjadi siang tadi. Ya, aku jumpa dia. Tak, jumpa je tak cukup, kami bercakap. Hah, amek kau Farihah, aku dah cerita kat blog aku ni apahal! Hahaha

Dah lama dah..[it's been a while]...tapi pabila kau tahu, bahawasanya beban di pundak kau itu, sudah mula terangkat, lalu dialihkan ke laut [eh, laut?], hati kau tenang. Alhamdulillah, ya ALLAH, jika inilah nikmatnya satu hikmah kepada satu penyeksaan yang aku hadapi selama ini, sesungguhnya aku sangat bersyukur. Engkau Maha Mengetahui segalanya.

Apa yang terjadi, dah cerita dekat kawan-kawan terdekat. Terima kasih, sahabat-sahabat yang melayan rapuan, repekan aku, sebab gembira terlebih hari ni. Siap rasa nak bagitau kat Mama, walaupun Mama manalah tahu cerita awalnya. Hahaha.

Jangan bimbang, aku masih waras. Perasaan yang hadir ini, semata-mata perasaan seorang sahabat. Perasaan yang sama macam akhir tahun 2007 dulu. Dah rasa bebas, dah rasa macam LEGA. :D

F cakap :

Have you ever met someone, and you know at that exact moment, he or she 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The busiest semester ever. The semester that I really put so much efforts into it. The only semester that keep me away from stepping into the cinema, yet. The semester in which I go out just to eat.

Nicole, KARA.

Credit : positivekpop

I don't think my effort is enough. Bioprocess mid-term result wasn't as good as I thought, but I was very grateful for that. Reminded me to work harder.

F says :

All of a sudden,  currently craving for Kuey Teow Kungfu.
Ahh, F and her forever-thinking-of-food.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Him. :)

There is this one guy, whenever I listen to his voice, I smile unknowingly. :)

p/s : The animated GIF is not mine. I can't find the original source because when I saw this GIF, I just right-clicked-and-save-as-picture in my folder. :D Credit to the owner. :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hati kita tak sama.

Pacai atau nama sedapnya, Firas Adam tetap jadi lelaki idaman aku yang datangnya dari dunia fiksyen itu. Walau hadirnya Adil, yang ciri-cirinya, banyak mendengar dan penyabar tahap giga, tapi hati aku tetap pada Pacai. Tak tahu kenapa. Padahal kalau ikutkan, Adil tu la yang best jadi boipren yang sangat memahami, pandai baca hati perempuan.

Mungkin sebab Pacai pernah merokok, lepas tu dia berhenti merokok kot?

Mungkin sebab Pacai sangat berusaha untuk cari "Dorothy" aka Wardah sampai jumpa??

Mungkin sebab Pacai pernah masuk hospital dan terus mengingatkan aku pada seseorang???

Adil memang baik. Kawan baik yang terbaik. Memang sesuai sangatlah dia digandingkan dengan Teja Aulia yang senang baran, kalut tak menempat dan pelupa. Eh, tiba-tiba rasa macam ciri-ciri si Teja Aulia tu ada je pada aku. Cuma Teja Aulia sangat beruntung sebab punya Adil, yang sanggup tahan dengar bebelan dia, yang sanggup memandu dari Johor ke Terengganu semata-mata Aulia kata rindu, yang sanggup bagi kepala dia berdarah kat dahi sebab kena baling dengan Aulia, hadiah yang Adil bagi.

Tapi tapi tapi kan, aku tetap suka Pacai aka Firas Adam. Nama sedap bukan main, tapi suruh panggil Pacai je. Nasib baik dia tak suruh si Wardah tu panggil dia Pacai jugak. Ish ish ish. Terima kasih sebab panggil Pacai dengan nama sebenar dia. Teringat masa Wardah menangis gila-gila-gila sebab Pacai masuk hospital Aku pun nangis masa orang tu masuk hospital, tapi taklah segila Wardah kot.

Terima kasih Syud sebab tulis novel-novel best ni - Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit dan Untuk Awak Teja Aulia. Sekarang, tengah baca Tentang Dhiya pulak. Baru 1 muka surat je. Nak kena siapkan kertas cadangan projek dulu, baru boleh sambung dengan aman.

F cakap :

Ada buat salah besar.
Kena marah.
Sebab salah tetap salah.
Memang tak dapat sokongan.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sekarang, memang terasa sangat bahang kesibukan. Dah siap buat senarai apa benda yang dok disibukkan. Maaf, tak boleh nak kongsi gambar senarai dan macam-macam lagi, sebab fungsi kamera kat Sony Ericsson W508, si henfon lipat ni, dah rosak. :(

1.  Dah dekat 3 kali tangguh balik rumah. Sedihnya, setiap kali buat perancangan nak balik, mesti tak kesampaian. Tak pe la, ALLAH kan sebaik-baik Perancang, Dia lagi Mengetahui kenapa F tak boleh nak balik.

2. Ya, fungsi kamera kat Sony Ericsson W508 ni dah rosak. Sejak Rabu lepas kot, lepas jatuh dalam kelas Molecular Genetics Dr Phang. Masa tengok lepas jatuh tu, okey je, tak sangka pulak kamera dah tak berfungsi. Sedih lagi :(.

3. Jadual peperiksaan akhir untuk semester 1 2011/2012, tahun kedua pengajian, dah keluar. Alhamdulillah, jadual okey.

29/12/2011 - Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life.

04/01/2012 - Cell and Tissue Culture

13/01/2012 - Genetics

15/01/2012 - Bioprocess

4. Banyak gila laporan makmal [baca : lab reports] kena buat. Untuk plant tissue culture je, dah ada lima bijik, kena tulis tangan secara berindividu. Maka, kena asah bakat tulisan cantik kembali. Alhamdulillah, untuk Bioprocess dah siap dengan M dan K malam tadi, lega gila tau. Tinggal nak compile dengan budak-budak laki je.

5. Ada dua presentation menanti. Satu untuk Ethics, tajuk Non-food Halal Products. Satu lagi untuk Leadership and Management. Kena buat banner, kertas cadangan, Power Point slides untuk program. Fuuuhhh.

6. Sebab dah terbiasa sangat belajar dalam suasana bising, maka F tak kisah orang nak buat apa-apa pun. F hanya kisah pabila orang kacau F tidur je. Dasar kepala tidur kan kan kan.

7. Earphones putih pun dah rosak. Cord terputus masa dok syok dengar dalam bas, balik dari KL.

8. F borong buku-buku dari Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale pulak. Books are scratched and damaged, all sold at RM5 and below.

9. Pesan pada diri, jangan buat kerja bodoh tanpa fikir dulu. Kan dah kena marah hari tu. :(

10. Tapi F pesan pada diri jugak, kalau tak buat kerja gila tu, hidup tak seronok la!!! Hahaha

Dasar suka online setiap masa.

F cakap :

Sampai hati orang tu buat F macam ni. :(

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pesan pada diri.

Jangan belajar last minute sangat, contoh, esok petang nak exam, malam ni baru kalut nak stay-up bagai, nak habiskan semua bab. Lagi satu, sebab kau tak tahu apa-apa yang bakal menimpa kau, F.

[1] Kau tidur lepas solat Isya'. Bajet nak bangun 2-3 jam kemudian, sebab tak nak mengantuk masa stay-up. Sekali masa tengah tidur, masa tu jugak jadi satu kebetulan orang memilih untuk jadi riuh-rendah, hiruk-pikuk, hingar-bingar. Lantas, tidur tak lena, kau stres sambil menyumpah dalam hati [atau kat Twitter], maka nak belajar pun susah.

[2] Masa tengah stay-up, tiba-tiba masa tu jugaklah perut nak memulas. Memulas pulak bukan tahap mikro, tapi terus lompat ke tahap giga terus. Tak ke haru tu, F, satu kerja nak ulang alik ke bilik air, kalut nak sapu minyak, lantas kau pun baring kat katil. Sakit punya pasal, nota pun tak larat nak dipandang.

[3] Kalau nak dijadikan cerita, petang tu kau main hujan. Bukan maksudnya kau suka-suka hati berlari dalam hujan, tapi payung tertinggal kat bilik, maka nak gerak ke mana-mana tanpa payung, bermakna kau dengan sengaja telah mendedahkan diri kau pada hujan. Maka, kau sakit kepala, demam, selesema. Tangan yang patutnya conteng nota, dah jadi tangan yang rajin ambil tisu dari kotak, kesat hingus tu. Ish..ish..ish..

[4] Musim exam dalam musim hujan. Kau tahu apa maksudnya tu, F?? Ertinya, hati, badan hatta otak kau sendiri, lebih memilih berselimut di atas katil, sambil menikmati enaknya kesejukan pada musim hujan ni. Mata pun berat, terlelap pun senang. Dah tak wujud istilah insomnia masa tu. Semuanya disebabkan musim sejuk kegemaran kau telah menjengah bumi Kuantan. Belajarnya bila masa???

[5] Alahai, nak dijadikan cerita, kau "cuti" pulak masa ni. Sepatutnya lebih banyak nota dah habis tilik, habis sentuh. Tapi ini tak, otak dan perut berdua bersatu, bergabung pulak dengan hati, asyik fikir apa nak makan, apa nak minum. Tangan dan kaki seiringan ke sana sini, mencari stok makanan yang bakal dikorbankan untuk mengisi perut kosong kau tu kononnya. Kau lebih memilih membuang masa menikmati sedapnya Cadbury Black Forest dengan setiap gigitan. Apa kau ingat kau drakula yang kehausan darah ke, F???

F cakap :

Sesungguhnya, aku redha dan tawakkal dengan kertas Genetics tadi,
hanya pada ALLAH S.W.T.
Lain kali, sila beringat, belajar last minute bakal menghenyak kau, F.


"If you don't have a dream, start thinking about what the dream for your life is. 
Start believing that just having a dream begins the process of fulfilling it. 
You can do it if you're willing to let every step you take move you in that direction. 
Remember, you deserve the best life has to offer."
- Oprah Winfrey

Guess, I have to go to sleep now and start dreaming. Oops, wait, haven't finished yet studying for Genetics mid-sem exam. Five or more chapters to go.

F says :

I know I can do anything I want when my heart and soul really commit to it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Staying away.

I'm so sick of myself. Insecurities building up, tempers keep on rising, and I think, that's it.

Dear you, you and you, I'm staying away from you guys. You'll end up getting hurt if I were to say by your sides. I am one bad friend, a mere loser, and I don't think I can keep on hurting people. Enough is enough. I'm tired of regretting and crying after what I've done, which I should have known to actually think rationally before acting.

I'm a loser like this. I'm weird like this I'm hot-tempered like this. I won't be strong enough to hold you up, so find the ones who's willing to do so. I won't be able to laugh together anymore. Please...don't let me come back to you.

F says:

This way, I won't hurt you anymore. :(

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No, I'm not okay.

Hey, I'm still alive, y'know.

[1] I won't ride on that "T" bus again, well, after all the terrible things I experienced. The psychotic uncle who sat next to me on the way to Kota Bharu, that night of November 3rd, was scary.

[2] Okay, fine maybe I would still ride the bus from that company, considering that I'm choosing to go home next Thursday evening. Because only that company offers evening trips.

[3] I had the Tissue Culture mid-sem exam yesterday. Last-minute preparation seemed to suit me.

[4] The one-week holiday, I spent my time with non-stop eating, catching up K-pop music and dramas, and playing with Ammar Aiman.

[5] I fell asleep in the morning of the Eid Adha, after taking the cold medication. Concluding why I didn't go to celebrate the Eid in people's houses at all.

[6] Yesterday, gastric attack in the morning, even I took my breakfast. To make things worst, got diarrhea after having dinner.

[7] Today, this morning, I screwed up my part of presentation. Nice.

[8] I'm broke. Lack of money turns my head upside down. Seriously. Is it because of my obsession of buying every book that I see??

[9] Knowing that I spent my money on foods, makes me full, err I mean, happy. Nope, I'm actually satisfied.

[10] Being too loyal, sometimes sucks. Big time. I don't know why on earth that my heart seems so hard to let that person go. I'm not even in any relationship with that person, yet I'm still waiting for that person. S-t-u-p-i-d.

F says :

Now, call me F, the cheapskate girl.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sindrom rindu akan rumah.

Cuti pertengahan semester dah tak lama dah. Gabung terus dengan cuti Hari Raya Haji, kiranya dapatlah merasa cuti lebih seminggu. Dah tak lama, sebab hari Khamis, pukul 11 malam, bakal berangkat pulang ke Kubang Kerian tercinta. Hahaha. Tercintalah sangat. Eh, tapi memang tercinta sebab Kubang Kerian rindu akan saya. Hahaha.

Ini namanya, sakit rumah aka homesick. Makin ketara dah, sebab makan pun tak lalu, belajar pun tak fokus, penjagaan diri pun terabai.

Dahlah bangun je daripada tidur, dah takde dah nak minum segelas air putih, diikuti sarapan pagi. Makan tengah hari tak payah ceritalah, dengan selambanya, tinggalkan je terus. Makan malam pulak, pabila dah masuk bilik, memang dah tak reti-reti nak keluar bilik, berjalan ke kafe. Terasa jauhnya kafe berbatu-batu dari bilik.

Bab belajar pulak, tak boleh nak fokus betul-betul. Asyik ada je perancangan yang nak buat kat rumah. Fikir nak tengok drama apa, fikir nak makan apa, fikir nak jalan-jalan ke mana, fikir nak pakai baju raya apa. Lepas tu, tak tahan rindu akan keluarga tersayang, terutamanya Ammar Aiman, umur 1 tahun lebih, dah boleh jalan dengan stabil bila pakai kasut, dan punya 4 batang(?) gigi, 2 kat atas, 2 kat bawah. Dahlah suka menjerit. Oh, itu semuanya diceritakan oleh Abah, Mama dan Angah. Buat gila kejap sebab rindu sangat akan budak kecik saya itu.

Hari ni dah Selasa. Esok Rabu, bersamaan hari peperiksaan pertengahan semester bagi subjek Bioprocess. 4 bab masuk. Belum habis belajar pun lagi ni. Lusa Khamis, harapnya semuanya berjalan dengan lancar tanpa aral melintang. Amiin.

F cakap:

Cuti oh cuti, weh!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Saya dah penat.

Saya rasa cukup-cukuplah saya jadi macam ni. Bukan 2, 3 minggu, tapi dah bertahun-tahun dah. Saya penat. Sekalipun saya cuba bagai nak gila nak lupakan semuanya, tapi saya tetap tak boleh lupa. Saya nak jugak enjoy hidup saya macam orang lain. Tanpa perlu ada awak dalam otak dan hati saya.

Ramai orang cakap, saya sedih, saya frust tak jumpa awak. In fact, saya lagi sedih bila nampak awak. Terkejut tahap jantung terhenti 3 saat. Serius, tak tipu. Tapi sebab saya menyibukkan diri dengan banyak perkara malam tu, saya tak boleh nak menangis. Sedangkan saya tahu, kalau saya tak ada apa-apa hal malam tu, kalau saya terus pulang ke bilik, alamatnya, saya akan menangis sorang-sorang macam dulu.

Ya, saya tak sangka rupanya saya tak gembira pun nampak awak. Saya dah penat nak risaukan pasal awak, sebab saya tahu, lagi ramai orang yang boleh bimbangkan keadaan awak. Saya selalu doa, saya nak sangat lupakan awak. Tu je. Bukannya saya mintak awak dicampakkan jauh-jauh, sebab hakikatnya, memang kita dah sedia jauh kan.

Saya pun terfikir, adakah sebab saya tak unfriend awak kat Fesbuk, maka saya ada potensi untuk stalk awak setiap masa? Mungkin ya.

Nak senang, macam ni je. Saya dah tak perlu dah kot orang bercerita pada saya pasal awak. Dan selagi saya boleh keraskan hati sendiri, katupkan mulut daripada sebut nama awak, I'll be fine. Maybe. Tak tahulah berjaya ke tak ni.

Saya tak tipu, awak, saya penat, penat sangat. Saya tak salahkan awak pun. Saya letakkan kesalahan tu pada diri saya sendiri. Dahlah dasar penakut nak confess kan, lepas tu teringat-ingat pasal awak je kan. Saya bukan takut kena reject, nope, that's not what I'm worried of, tapi ada banyak lagi kesan yang saya risaukan. Yes, I'm weird that way. I think too much, I worry too much. Guess I love too much, too.

F cakap:
Enough is enough. 
Saya nak bebas.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Saya sangat lapar sekarang ni. In fact, I have planned to run from my room to TAJ point, just to have a bit of roti canai.

Baik, abaikan.

Iyelah, siapa suruh mengada makan malam dengan Nestle Fitnesse Honey n Almond Cereals je kan. Padanlah muka. Hah, tapi tunggu. Jangan nak mula fikiran tak baik, "Diet leww teww..!". Bukan nak berdiet sangat pun, tapi dasar malas nak berjalan kaki ke kafe yang 10 kilometer tu. Okey, tipu. Jarak pergi dan balik adalah dalam 1500 langkah.

Makan Fitnesse ni sebagai bekal la konon, bila-bila datang kemalasan yang satu ni. Lagi pun, mengidam nak makan Golden Ball tu [Golden Ball:  deep fried egg with shredded crabstick & mayonaisse]. Rasa nak makan jugak sandwic tuna kat Rotiboy tu.

Dan paling penting, saya nak balik rumah cepat-cepat 3hb November ni, supaya saya boleh masak megi kari letak telur, sayur, ayam, bawang goreng dan lain-lain, dan makan tanpa rasa bersalah.

Ikutkan hati, nak je lari keluar gi ECM esok, semata-mata nak makan. Oh F and her never-stop-feeling-hungry stomach. Memangla kan.


F cakap :

Semoga yang rebah itu kembali bangkit.
Semoga yang lemah itu kembali gagah.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Perkara yang sama berlaku pagi semalam, 22 Oktober 2011, sama seperti yang terjadi masa hari raya kedua hari tu. Takutnya....

Ma, Abah, kalau terbaca ni, perkara yang sama nyaris terjadi pagi semalam. Dekat tandas pulak tu. Dan Along sorang-sorang. Takut sangat, Ma, sebab pagi sangat, dalam dekat pukul 9 pagi kot. Tambah pulak hujung minggu, manalah ada sangat orang kat tandas tu.

Along cepat-cepat keluar, terduduk sambil tak putus-putus mulut berdoa pada ALLAH, mintak jangan jadi apa-apa kat Along kat situ. Sebab kalau jadi apa-apa, mana ada orang nak sambut dan teman macam hari tu. Hari tu takpelah, ada Mama, ada Abah.

Along tak tipu bila Along kata Along takut sangat, sebab orang tak tahu Along dah pernah kena macam tu. Hanya sempat mesej Srii, kawan Along, bagitau sepatah dua.

Ma, apa Along patut buat?? Tapi syukur Alhamdulillah, gagahkan diri, sempat balik ke bilik, terus baring atas katil. Tapi senggugut menyerang macam nak gila. Sampaikan nak ambil minyak angin, nak capai Actifast pun tak larat, Ma. Along hanya mampu mengerekot je atas katil sebab kepala sakit sangat, perut memulas, dua-dua belah kaki kejang teruk dan belakang rasa macam nak patah je.

Tapi takpe Ma, anak Mama ni kuat lagi. Seteruk mana pun anak Mama kena macam tu pagi semalam, anak sulung Mama ni tak menitiskan setitik pun air mata. Alhamdulillah, lepas tu Along boleh tidur. Selimut dua lapis terus, sebab kesejukan daripada hujan tak henti-henti dari pagi.

Along berdoa sangat, minta jauhlah Along berhadapan dengan pengalaman menakutkan macam semalam. Kalau iya pun, biar ada Mama, biar ada Abah, dekat-dekat dengan Along. Ada Angah sekurangnya pun dah okey. Sebab nanti orang lain tak tahu nak berhadapan dengan situasi macam tu.

Maaf, Along tak boleh nak cerita benda ni kat telefon, sebab Along rasa Along akan menangis je daripada bercerita. Lagi pun, takkan nak risaukan Mama dan Abah, Opah lagi, yang jauh kat rumah tu.

Doakan anak Mama ni kuat okey?? Macam selalu.

Sayang semuanya.

F cakap :

Sila jaga diri sendiri dengan lebih baik, F.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thank you, I love you.

I know, I seldom tell anything about you here, but tonight I will.

Thank you for staying with me, despite my unpredictable antics, my random actions and etc.

Thank you for loving me, during these 2, 3 years of this so-called relationship, namely a friendship which I wish it would stay to the end of my life.

Thank you for listening all my complaints, crush-stories, and problems.

Thank you for lending your ears, your shoulders whenever I need them.

I pray to ALLAH, that He would soon bring you the ultimate happiness, Here and Hereafter.

Credit : 
Zaty's  Samsung ACE 360 Photo Application
[Japanese Style]

F says :

Thank you, I love you.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Ke hadapan Encik Acer, jangan demam, tolonglah...F sayang kamu sangat-sangat-sangat, maka tolonglah jangan demam macam ni. Okey, nanti F balik rumah, F angkut cooler pad tu sekali okey?? Janji!!

Saja je nak menjangkitkan pada tuan dia sekali, nak demam, mesti ada geng. Oh kenapakah??

Okey, dah merapu pagi-pagi buta. Tak boleh nak tidur sebab 'panas'. Panas hati dah sejuk, lepas kena siram dengan nasihat berbakul-bakul. Terima kasih buat mereka yang sudi nak dengar.

F cakap :

Maka, benarlah, agenda terlalu banyak.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The place that I will go again.

When all they serve, are these...

Big Bad Wolf book sale.
MAEPS, Serdang. 
08th of October, 2011.

They're having the second wave this week. More books are added, prices are still the same. RM 8 per novel. I'm tempted.

F says :

If I could go again...

Monday, October 10, 2011

That stranger.

Why can't I just forget him??

Is it because he's just my ideal type??

But he's quiet.

Nope, now that I realise, I actually have a thing for quiet guys.

A guy that doesn't talk much.

Weird..because we didn't even have any conversation.

Neither I, nor him, tried to initiate any conversation.

Thus, creating that awkward, silent atmosphere.

And I found out that..

I actually fell for a total stranger.

F says :

Gosh, F!!!
Having a crush on him, the guy that you would never meet again!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wahai sang pencuri..

Ke hadapan awak, wahai si pencuri duit jualan jajan saya beserta bekasnya,

Lokasi : Lobi M7.

Saya cuma nak cakap, terima kasih. Ya, sebab awak dah ingatkan supaya jangan lagi cuai, lalai, leka, alpa dan segalanya yang tak patut dalam berbisnes. Tapi, tolonglah, sekurangnya, pulangkan bekas duit tu. Isi bekas tu, yakni hasil duit jualan saya, awak boleh simpan.

Tapi ingat!! Saya tak halalkan setiap sen yang awak ambil dan gunakan ke atas apa-apa sahaja. Allah jua yang bakal tentukan pembalasan buat awak.

F cakap :

Saya tahu awak tak baca blog ni.
Tapi ni sebagai peringatan buat diri saya sampai bila-bila.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The books #2

Here is the collection that I currently own, here in Kuantan. Feel free to come and borrow any of them, with only one condition - take care of it like it's your own precious book. That's all.

I only finished The Lucky One, Goodnight Beautiful, I Heart New York, My Best Friend's Girl and Tunggu Teduh Dulu. I've read half of Life Is An Open Secret. Still reading Marshmallows for Breakfast, and wondering when I would finish that. Oh, I've intentionally delayed to read Sherlock Holmes. Ngeee. And I plan to read Words That Matter, at least a page a day, but I have yet done that.

There are the latest books that I ordered from BookXcess, arrived my home couple of weeks before after some problems by the courier. I'll tell the story next time, if I want to. Oh, I forgot to place Cathy Kelly's The Perfect Holiday together there.

F says :

Can't wait to establish my own mini library.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Terima kasih, sayangku.


Tunjuk gambar pakai jubah beramai-ramai dekat Mama, siang tadi. Thanks yeah, Ruwaida, for tagging me.
Mama cakap, 'Along nampak tinggilah.' Kembang kejap. Heee.

'Tapi jubah Along nampak singkat sangat dah tu.'

'Nak beli jubah baru, boleh Ma??'

'Okey, nanti kita gi cari.'

'Yeay!! Kawan Along cakap kat pasar, ada banyak.'


Sambil tengok kotak berbungkus dari BookXcess,

'Buku banyak-banyak ni, kalau dapat letak dalam rak baru, best jugak.' *sambil jeling Mama, sambil pastikan Abah pun dengar*

Keluar macam-macam cadangan nak beli rak mana. Tangan pun laju menggugel gambar-gambar rak cantik.

Abah kata..

'Kalau kita alihkan peti ais lama tu, bolehla tempah buat rak kat dinding tu.'

'Kita nak beli rak baru ke, nak tempah ni??'

'Mana-mana pun boleh, tapi kalau tempah, senang nak saiz apa-apa.'

'Okey!! Along nak saiz ni bla bla bla.'

F cakap :


Monday, September 26, 2011

So far, Kuantan is fun.

Didn't update for so long, one; my room doesn't get the wi-fi connection unless it's 4 in the morning, two; I'm too lazy.

1. I'm mad, pissed off for some 'stupid' things. Ended up writing my feelings on some papers, and after a while, the anger was gone. I'm glad that I've finally come back to writing everything I feel, so that I can just move on from depression.

2. Still up, because I need to finish four chapters of cell and tissue culture of plants and animals. Need to be reminded over and over again, the quiz is on Tuesday, F.

3. There IS a freaking reason why I take few hours to complete one chapter of cell and tissue culture [while others could simply finish at least two chapters by the same time]...because I get distracted pretty easily.

4. Kuantan is fun so far, no kidding. I love the 'winter' season.

5. I miss Ammar Aiman very much. Looking at his pictures, makes me crying. I want to go home so badly just to cuddle him.

6. Old crush memories came back after suddenly saw him in a video and his name popped into my Facebook News Feed. How irony.

7. Facebook's new features suck, big time. After changing the language setting to Bahasa Melayu, I'll get the old one back. Still, it feels weird.

8. "You don't simply make fun of other person's notes."

9. P-Day started yesterday.

10. That girl, with the Aquarius sign, born in January, eldest in her siblings, loves K-pop, has an 'Angah' with only 1-year difference; has the same way of thinking, state of mind, feelings, interests, perspectives and views on life just like yours truly. Introducing, the other F. Mind you, she's a real friend, not an imaginary one.

11. Oh, just because you make fun of me, I won't do the same to you.

12. AGAIN, cell and tissue culture quiz is on Tuesday, 27th of September.

13. Not all calls with long numbers are scam. One of them could be a call from your friend studying in overseas.

14. There are too many tiny insects in my compartment right now. Why do you guys have to come in, just because my study lamp is on?? Is the lamp that attractive??

15. To make ketupat from scratch using the coconut hard. [It took like forever just to google what's "anyam" in English, and I ended up ignoring it after that.]

16. Just listen, no advice unless it is asked.

17. The wi-fi connection is slowing down. I'd better finish this before it can't be published.

18. That "crush", "like" feeling is a sign from Allah. It's a blessing, thus appreciate it.

19. F can be random MOST of the time. Sometimes, because she has too much in her mind, she would end up mumbling when she tries to convey the messages.

20. Found out something last night. It's unexpected.

F says :

If you finish reading from 1 to 20, then, congratulations.

No prize anyway.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Because of you, I've lost any trust on you..worse..even on me, myself.

I'm sorry..

I don't think I can act like nothing has happened, because you repeated the history again.

Thanks to those who cared to listen.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Patutlah macam pelik kenapa endorfin terlebih dirembeskan..rupanya..lepas benda-benda gembira yang dapat hari ni, macam sedih..kecewa..marah..entahlaaa...semua perasaan pun datang..

Ahhhh...!! Malas nak fikir, nak tidur je..malas dah nak cakap apa-apa..malas dah nak pedulikan pasal orang..penat dah..sebab bila terlalu ambil berat dekat seseorang tu, it would always be me to get hurt in the end..

I'm sick..of almost not ask why..

F says :

Note to self - stop caring about others. 
Let's just be selfish and put myself above others.
Can I??

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kuantan, bebeh!!

Assalamu'alaikum semua!!

Alhamdulillah, dah selamat sampai di Kuantan, ibu negeri Pahang, tempat menuntut ilmu kat sini. Bertolak jam 9.45 pagi, sampai pukul 4.20 petang, okeylah tu kan. Lambat sangat sampai sebab lama sangat singgah di Masjid Sultan Mahmud, Bandar al-Mukhtafi Billah, Dungun tengah hari tadi. Hehehe. Iyelah, dekat 2 jam kot duduk situ je, makan-makan, solat, lepas tu mandikan si Ammar Aiman bucuk tu.

Dah jenguk bilik, alhamdulillah, puas hati. Kompartmen boleh tahan luas [tapi tak boleh lawan kompartmen dulu la]. Katil pun dapat dua tilam lagi tu. Memang jadi tinggi je katilku nanti. Bilik masih berhabuk sakan, lepas letak barang-barang, terus blah ke hotel dengan keluarga tersayang. Ye la, perut kelaparan, lepas tu nak bersihkan diri pulak.

Alahai..penat sangat hari ni.

F cakap :

Agak-agaknya..esok kelas dah mula ke belum eh???

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Numbers.'s been a while since I last updated my blog. Well, I've been tooooooooooo lazy, like seriously.

So it's not much I want to say here, just want to share how some random numbers have been calling my Abah since this morning. My Abah refused to pick up any of the calls, because the numbers were so weird, and of course, Abah won't take any unfamiliar numbers.

Here are the numbers :

[it got 12 eights, mind you!!]


So I just Googled, only to find out a lot of people were having the same problem, where the numbers won't just stop calling unless they picked it up. This goes for the first and third number, while I know nothing what the second number is all about. The links are up there.

Thanks to whocallsme, I, at least had a brief idea where the numbers came from, to explain to both of my parents. SO, we reached a conclusion that, DO NOT TAKE THE CALL from the numbers AT ALL!!!

F says :


Monday, August 29, 2011

Istilah hari ini #1

Angah : Along, handsfree yang Along beli RM10 hari tu, ada lagi tak??

Along : Oh, earphone tu ke?? Dah rosak jahanam dah. Kenapa??

Angah : Ingat nak pinjam kejap. Okey, takpe la.

Adot : Handsfree...tangan percuma..

Along & Angah : ..........

Friday, August 26, 2011

For supper.

CP Traditional Smoked Duck. Yummy!! It's for supper, or should I say, I've made it into snacks while surfing the net. Heeee. You can get one packet of it for RM8.99, at the frozen food area. I got this one at Mydin Mall Kubang Kerian.

You can either deep-fry, roast or steam the duck piece. I chose to roast for about 20 to 30 minutes, because I was too lazy to get it thawed, therefore, it went straight into the convection oven from the fridge. XD

Cut it into small pieces, and dip them with the chilli sauce.

F says :

Okay, I should go and work out, maybe tomorrow, or maybe whenever I'm free.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Petang semalam, nyaris sakit jantung. Sebab Ammar Aiman. Dia buat aku menangis lagi. Hari tu, sebab dia jatuhkan tin susu atas kaki sampai berdarah. Menangis sebab sakit, okey, bukan sebab marah dia, sebab dia budak kecik, main hentam je semua benda nak capai.

Ya Allah..sumpah aku menangis macam dah nak teresak. Aku salahkan diri aku jugak. Erm..memang ada dalam 20% salah aku kat situ. Lepas sorang menangis, habis yang lain menangis. Sampaikan Angah pun ikut menangis masa aku cakap kat telefon.

Semua orang panggil dia, tapi dia buat dek je. Aku jerit kuat daripada orang lain, "Adik!! Adik!!" Dia bangun, tersedar. Alhamdulillah, masa kat atas kereta, dia dah boleh senyum-senyum bagai. Okey, itu tanda dia okey. Lega. Alhamdulillah.

Kat hospital, rasanya semua orang boleh dengar jeritan galak dia tu. Budak-budak lain dok meraung menangis, dia huha-huha dengan Abah. Masa duduk kat riba Mama pun, dia bergurau sakan dengan doktor. Masa tu, aku dah positif gila, dalam hati, "Yes, I know, my baby brother is such a strong boy."

Balik ke rumah..ya ampun..riuh gila dengan suara dia. Tapi, itu jadi satu peringatan, semua kena beringat sangat-sangat-sangat.

F cakap :

Sumpah aku boleh sakit jantung tau.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pinggan saya.

Kenal tak piramid makanan?? Mesti kenal kan kan kan?? Tahu tak, USDA [United States Department of Agriculture], depa dah tak guna piramid makanan dah nak tentukan berapa banyak karbohidrat, protein, vitamin yang kita kena ambil setiap kali nak makan. Sekarang zaman dah maju sikit, depa ajak kita guna pinggan. Maknanya, dalam satu pinggan makanan tu, dah ada bahagian untuk berapa banyak nak makan nasi / roti / mee, sayur-sayuran, buah-buahan, daging / ayam / ikan / telur dan macam-macam lagilah!

Haaa. Lepas tu, tangan dok gatal-gatal nak gi tengok jugak, berapa banyak kalori yang F patut ambil berdasarkan umur, ketinggian dan berat badan F. Mula-mula bajet dalam 2000 kalori la kan, rupa-rupanya, F kena ambil dalam 1800 kalori je!! Lepas tu, boleh la tengok rancangan pemakanan kita lepas klik "Submit" tu. Untuk F, inilah rancangan pemakanan harian.

Nanti korang pandai-pandai la main klik sana-sini ya, sebab ada macam-macam benda nak diterokai. Macam resepi nak sediakan makanan yang menyihatkan pun ada.

F cakap :

Perancangan dah ada, pelaksanaannya bila lagi??