Monday, December 13, 2010

Just kill me then..

Oh my..oh my..oh my..what a day!! The way I'm saying is like today is the worst day ever.

Kekeke. No-la. It's not the worst. Except the fact that [1] I was having a hard time to wake up, even I slept at 12 last night. Oh, [2] the key that I got from the mahallah office was not working when I tried to lock my room's door, at the time when I needed to rush and catch the 10 o'clock bus, which was I eventually missed it. Also, [3] the new pair of shoes I wore, almost killed me. My feet hurt so much from all the walking done from my hostel to my kuliyyah.

Only one new shoes, replacing the missing two shoes.

Once we're there, the attempt to go to the department office quietly failed because as soon as we moved from the lobby, lots of people [mostly my classmates] were already there. There's no such thing like doing things quietly, people, when it's the first day of new semester. LOL.

Copied the class timetable from my classmate since it's a different one from the one we saw in the website. Wanted to consult with the sister-in-charge, but unfortunately, the office was packed enough for more people to occupy, so we decided.."LET'S GO and HAVE A LUNCH instead."

The subjects Bahasa Melayu for Science Students and Study Circle 2, have yet to be registered. Besides, we have to confirm with the department, which timetable to use in this semester. Well, let's see if we can settle all these by this evening. Plus, we have the Islamic, Knowledge and Civilization class at 4, if and only if the class is not cancelled.

Oh, did I ever mention that our credit hours for this semester is 18.5?? No?? Good. Now you know.

F says:

I wonder if I were to make any resolution for this semester.


sri said...

huwaaaa..... im gonna be damn busyyyyyy

fikah © said...

we'll all be.