Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I think I'm in depression. I felt like .....

I appreciate those words of encouragement from my friends. It made me feeling so much better. But I could not hide the facts that I've been crying a lot. I tried to divert my attention by watching all those funny shows, but somehow, tears just kept rolling down.

Yes, I am making a fuss. And I'm even whining right now. I'd do anything to make myself pleased.

What a disappointment.

F said:

Deeply depressed.


a's said...

I am more depressed than you babe.I am really sure that my results is worst than you.but I am not crying at all,perhaps not yet.

what I think right now is,how I will survive for the next barriers to come?how I will face all the people around me?

but I do believe in myself that I can do better next time,just give me another shoot.I will aim for the bull eye.

same goes to you my strong yeah?

fikah © said...

thanks a bunch anna.
well, gotta to strive hard this sem.