Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Mr Crush

My dearest Mr Crush...

I believe this is a must-read entry for you. Please, spare some time to read.

Please..I hope I never have the guts to click on your name, every time I see you're online on Yahoo!Messenger. Thank you so much for being busy and not available, for us to chat like we used to. That way, I could be at ease from thinking so much of what I want to chat with you.

Please..I wish that I never see you commenting at any of my status or my link or my photo on Facebook page. That way, I could never put any hope on you.

Please..this one is the utmost important ever. If you ever notice me from afar when we're in campus, or at any cafe, DO NOT ever smile or wave at me. That way, my heart would be safe from any severe trauma.

Please..for the time being, I don't feel the need of being just a friend. I'm seriously looking someone who could protect me, listen to all my so-called whines and love me the way I am.

With that, thank you.

Lots of love,



Shey Hemsem said...

okay² , i tak tegur tegur dah u kat fb :D

fikah © said...

@Shey Hemsem
tegur je la.