Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Places I love

There are only two places I have in mind right now, that I wish I could just fly to get there.

My home sweet home in Kubang Kerian.

My foster mom's little house in Brisbane, Queensland.

Gosh..those places would make me like the happiest little girl ever!!

I missed my mom's awesome dishes!! Anything she cooked or served, even like the simple scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with slices of peaches in a small bowl, would make my adrenaline rushing like crazy!! And she even served us [me and Fara] at night, at the end of the cold winter. Oh, winter's in Brisbane did not equal to having snows; no snows there. Heee.

Aiyoh..why is Brisbane so far away, mah??

I missed my Mama's cooking, whenever she's in the highest mood of cooking!! She would cook like everything she wanted, and the benefits went for me and Iwan, because we're both the eating-monsters of the house. Others don't eat as much as we both do.

Oh, Mama is still in her 'pantang' after our baby brother was delivered last month. And I guess, once I'm home this Saturday, I'll be the cook, maybe?? LOL

F said:

In the mood of homesick-ness..

In the mood of non-stop blogging [drafted 'em all]..

even I still got 2 more final papers left.



izaryda yasin said...

rumah still the best


fikah © said...

@izaryda yasin
rumah la yang terbaek di alam semesta.