Monday, November 1, 2010

Less updates..

Finals were half-way done already, and 3 more papers left - Principles and Practice of Management, Computers in Science and Introductory Microbiology. All the reading-thingy subjects, y'all.

Organic Chemistry DONE!! 

Islamic Worldview DONE!!

Whatever I crapped out in the papers, I now left everything to the Allah Almighty to decide. Just keep praying that I can score.

Even I get online almost everyday, but all I do, is just checking my mailbox. Then, offline again. Abah had warned and reminded me over and over again whenever I was on the phone with him, not to spend too much time with the Internet-surfing thing, or better, just hide your lappy somewhere else.

Guess, less updates from now on. It's finals, and you don't want me to fail again, right?? Refuse to repeat the horrible story again.

Will be back blogging, whenever I feel like to. Oh, excuse me for the previous harsh entries, if that ever bothered you. I'll keep them private if you want me to do so. Please be reminded that I was overly distressed at that time, thus those entries. *sigh* It won't happen again.

Thanks for the dropping by, thanks for the comments, thanks for following and thanks for reading. This is just one plain blog where you can easily find anywhere inside this blogosphere. I wish you all, to have a good day, better than mine!! LOL.

Don't miss me. Oh, I know you won't.


F said:

I get over my stress by eating non-stop. 
And now you know why I'm having a hard time to maintain my weight.

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Ery Farieha said...


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