Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I wish I can be perfect for you

This is random. Well, random thoughts keep coming lately. Blame on the stress that the finals put on me. LOL

I wish I can dance so that I won't be awkward watching you're dancing.

I wish my height would be over 160cm so that I won't look so short standing next to you.

I wish I can be the attitude-girl that you want to, so that I can attract your attention, because right now, all I have, are weird ones.

I wish I know Korean language so that I can tweet to you and ask what's your favourite colour.

I wish I can fix your hair when the hair-stylist messed up, so that you'll look good. [Oh, you still look fine to me even though you're pretty messed up]

I wish I know how to knit a scarf for you, so that you won't complain on how cold the weather is, everyday [although I love your nags and whines].

I wish I know the reasons you never stop smiling lately so that I can share the joy of yours too.

F said:

don't betray me.

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