Thursday, November 4, 2010

I feel so sick....

3 mugs of Nescafe white coffee, and I'm still sleepy. Instead of making me more alert and energized, the Nescafe did nothing, but the opposite. Feeling so tired. Like my energy was all drained out.

I drank my third mug of Nescafe like 4 hours ago, yet it could do any better to this sleepyhead. Upon a suggestion of a friend to watch movies or whatsoever videos, so I went for video-hunting, where else?? To Kuyah. [sorry I mentioned your name here, sweetie.]

Kept chatting with her until to a point that I felt like to lie down and sleep. Not that our chats were bored, but my body system seemed to be dysfunctional. What on earth is happening???!!

I tried to watch videos, PHAILED!! I'm still sleepy, not that sleepy, except for the obvious facts that I yawned non-stop, I felt 'high', if you know what I meant.

Tried to study, but my fingers were all trembling [and even now when I'm typing this]. Couldn't grip the pen properly. Never thought that this caffeine-overdosed-newly-habit-of-mine, could do this bad to me.

I guess, I need to stop this so-called habit for a while. Going to bed right now, wondering if I could ever sleep in this on-and-off condition.

Oh, I felt like to throw up, too right now.

F said:

Not prepared enough for finals.

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a's said...

babe! jgn amalkan nescafe sgt la,not good for your health.
try the natural way,kalau ngntuk tido jap then after few hours bagun semula and keep reading (okay i tau i pandai ckp je tp i mmg buat cmni pn.but still study ape menda entah tak ingt pn!! LOL)

our body need rest too,don't push too much k?

okay dah,panjang berjela dah comment ni.nite darl!