Saturday, November 27, 2010

I choose you, Pikachu!!

Finally!! I know what I'm going to give to my dearest that is going to celebrate his birthday on 19th December. After so much troubles, I now had the idea of the present, even though it's kinda late. And this one, doesn't need me to go shopping with other guys with 179cm for his present. Kekeke.

Cutie Pikachu is from here.

I thought of getting him the Pikachu hoodie at first. But it's so hard to find online [cheaper ones], and I might have more troubles to getting it at the malls here, at my place. Unless someone volunteer to go to Berjaya Times Square and find me this cute hoodie, then I'll let go the idea of online shopping.

Gorgeous hoodie comes from here.

Oh, where was I?? Ahh, the Pikachu hoodie. Because I couldn't find any with cheaper price, therefore I decided to opt for something else instead, with, of course, an affordable price.

Pikachu Ears and Tail Costume Set from

Kekeke. I wonder how he would look with these. Kekeke. This is from If anyone has ever dealed with Amazon, please, do share with me the brief procedures.

Oh, before I forgot, this is the proof how he adored [I wonder if he still is] Pikachu.

I'm actually worried if I can't have the present [maybe due to my parents' disapproval of investing for this or lack of time to make this happens].

F says:

I've fallen for someone else.
And I asked myself,
how about him??


Anonymous said...

u've fallen for someone else???

fikah © said...

it's yang seung ho, my dear.

old_trafford said...

nice costome.. you want watch Real Pikachu