Monday, November 8, 2010

Hi, I'm an A-type..!!

Just browsing for the blood types thingy randomly, when I found out the characteristics of an A-type person when he or she is in love. Oh, F..!! Just admit you actually Googled "blood type love compatibility" !!

Check yours  here!!

Those were like SO TRUE!!! Described me very well. I have no idea if this also defines other people with blood type A too, but mine, WOAH!! I'm more than impressed!!

Well, don't take this seriously. I just did this out of boredom. And because I just wanted to know with which blood type person I would be compatible. Because both my crushes are B [Changmin] and O [Junhyung]. I actually didn't find anything that relates me to them. LOL

F said:

Love doesn't know the different blood types, does it??

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