Friday, November 26, 2010

Cheer yourself up.

This song...somehow encourages me to be more optimistic, but too bad, I'm yet to find my optimistic side. I know, I've been such a pessimist lately, and how I actually long so much for me to become a bright person back.

The video attached is merely the audio or the mp3 version only. And it is sung in Korean. Instead of putting the Korean lyrics down there, I attach the English translation.

You know what, the world around you isn't going to be dark all the time. There will come the time when the "Lights Go On Again" and shine on you. Chill.

Credit : here

[Junhyung] Yes sir lights go on again
Keep on and on and on
on and on and on
I was having trouble in the long and dark
In the one place where a streak of light shines
In order to reach that place
Now my time is here
Taking an easy breath
I will stand proud in front of you all

[Hyunseung] No matter how difficult it gets as I fall from being tired
The light that shines on me again

[Kikwang] Even though I want to give up and run away
It shines towards me even brighter

[Dongwoon] If the lights go on again and shines over me again
I will raise myself again
Lights go on again
Lights go on again

[Yoseob] When the light shines over me and wakes me again
It will move my heart again
Lights go on again
Lights go on again

[Doojoon] Oh lights go on again
Oh oh lights go on again yeah

[All] Oh lights go on again
Oh oh lights go on again on again

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Lovely Bella said...

nice one!! :)

ken said...

nice lyrics :)

Nadia MDG said...

cheer up and listen to more positive songs!!

do visit my blog... i recently played my first piano recital this afternoon.. here's the link

fikah © said...

@Lovely Bella
right sis??

fikah © said...

love it so much!!

fikah © said...

@Nadia MDG