Friday, November 19, 2010

25 things you may or may not know about me.

I'll keep this as simple as possible. Because 25 things are not a joke, peeps. Tagged by cik Anet.

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts or goals about you. In the end, choose 25[I'm not going to tag anyone]people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tags you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know you more.

1. A proud big sister of 5 siblings.

2. A proud 90-er.

3. A proud Cassiopeia and B2uty.

4. Easily to have a crush when I see hot guys, but can still manage to be faithful to one.

5. Good at both saving and spending money.

6. Cares more about eating than other things.

7. Love-hate relationship with Nescafe white coffee.

8. Tweets more than Facebook-ing lately.

9. A lazy bum.

10. A very last-minute person.

11. Prefers basketball and badminton than football. Oh, World Cup was an exception. ^^

12. A Germany football team newbie-fan. Thanks to World Cup fever.

13. Entertaining myself through funny videos found at Youtube.

14. Gets moody easily.

15. An annoying girl.

16. Most of the time is a reserved girl, thus people's first impression towards me is : an unapproachable type.

17. A sleepyhead - hates so much if anyone tries to disturb my precious sleeping beauty time.

18. Can study with headbanging music, but can't tolerate people making noise. Because those two are freaking different.

19. Used to be a hot-tempered person, now, gets worse by turning to a vengeful one.

20. Can be overly affectionate towards people I love.

21. Oh, I've heard a lot of people saying that they're influenced over something because of me. Hurm?? ^^

22. Earned RM 93.08 from Nuffnang after 1 year and 2 months. *sigh* I'm still satisfied tho. My effort got paid.

23. Still learning how to face failure. And it's not easy.

24. Music is a part of my life. Feels like can't live without it.

25. Wondering what I am going to do 5 years from now once I turn 25.

Today is 400th day since my beloved BEAST debuted. If you happen to be on Twitter right now, you'll see we're currently trending #400b2utifuldays as to celebrate this day.

F said:

Let's all hope everyday going to be beautiful

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