Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[PROMO] Mahu blog-makeover percuma??

JOM..JOM.. sertai kontes anjuran teman F ni, yang bapak gila rajin nak makeover kan blog orang semua ni. Kekeke.

Senang je, sila jenguk entri sahabat F ni. Klik kat banner dia yang comel ni.

Syaratnya?? Mudah saja.

1. Tajuk entri mesti :  

2. Anda hanya perlu ceritakan apa sebab anda nak cik Srii tersayang ni makeover blog anda sepenuhnya dengan percuma. Unsur-unsur membodek, mengampu, F rasa dibenarkan kot. Biar habis kembang hidung dan hati cik Srii ni. Kekeke. Entri tersebut, buatlah sekreatif mungkin.

3. Syarat selanjutnya, anda bolehla jenguk sendiri entri cik Srii yang telah F link kan pada banner dia kat atas tu.

4. Kontes berakhir pada 1 Januari 2011.

Kehebatan dia?? Kreativiti dia?? Kan F dah selalu cerita kan sebelum ni?? Blog F sendiri ni pun, walaupun bukan makeover penuh, tapi cantik kan?? Kekeke. Tak caya?? Ni buktinya.

Dan sebab header tersebut, blog pun jadi popular tau!!

Okey lah. Jangan lupa sertai tau. Mana nak cari orang yang sanggup buat makeover penuh kat blog secara percuma melainkan dengan Srii je. MESTI sertai tau!!

F cakap:

Kamera atau hadiah hari jadi si dia??

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I choose you, Pikachu!!

Finally!! I know what I'm going to give to my dearest that is going to celebrate his birthday on 19th December. After so much troubles, I now had the idea of the present, even though it's kinda late. And this one, doesn't need me to go shopping with other guys with 179cm for his present. Kekeke.

Cutie Pikachu is from here.

I thought of getting him the Pikachu hoodie at first. But it's so hard to find online [cheaper ones], and I might have more troubles to getting it at the malls here, at my place. Unless someone volunteer to go to Berjaya Times Square and find me this cute hoodie, then I'll let go the idea of online shopping.

Gorgeous hoodie comes from here.

Oh, where was I?? Ahh, the Pikachu hoodie. Because I couldn't find any with cheaper price, therefore I decided to opt for something else instead, with, of course, an affordable price.

Pikachu Ears and Tail Costume Set from Amazon.com

Kekeke. I wonder how he would look with these. Kekeke. This is from Amazon.com. If anyone has ever dealed with Amazon, please, do share with me the brief procedures.

Oh, before I forgot, this is the proof how he adored [I wonder if he still is] Pikachu.

I'm actually worried if I can't have the present [maybe due to my parents' disapproval of investing for this or lack of time to make this happens].

F says:

I've fallen for someone else.
And I asked myself,
how about him??

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cheer yourself up.

This song...somehow encourages me to be more optimistic, but too bad, I'm yet to find my optimistic side. I know, I've been such a pessimist lately, and how I actually long so much for me to become a bright person back.

The video attached is merely the audio or the mp3 version only. And it is sung in Korean. Instead of putting the Korean lyrics down there, I attach the English translation.

You know what, the world around you isn't going to be dark all the time. There will come the time when the "Lights Go On Again" and shine on you. Chill.

Credit : here

[Junhyung] Yes sir lights go on again
Keep on and on and on
on and on and on
I was having trouble in the long and dark
In the one place where a streak of light shines
In order to reach that place
Now my time is here
Taking an easy breath
I will stand proud in front of you all

[Hyunseung] No matter how difficult it gets as I fall from being tired
The light that shines on me again

[Kikwang] Even though I want to give up and run away
It shines towards me even brighter

[Dongwoon] If the lights go on again and shines over me again
I will raise myself again
Lights go on again
Lights go on again

[Yoseob] When the light shines over me and wakes me again
It will move my heart again
Lights go on again
Lights go on again

[Doojoon] Oh lights go on again
Oh oh lights go on again yeah

[All] Oh lights go on again
Oh oh lights go on again on again

Credit :

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saya Perempuan Biasa

# Hidup.

Ya, sayalah perempuan biasa itu.

Yang merajuk, bukan mudah dipujuk.

Yang mana bila marah, muka semacam bengis.

Saya bila marah..terasa hati..merajuk..

satu lawak pun takkan terkesan.

Takkan digelakkan bersama.

Itulah saya.

Hati keras mengalahkan besi lagi.

Ego tinggi melangit.

Ya, saya juga punya ego saya.

Saya perempuan biasa.

Tapi tak sama dengan yang lain.

Kita mungkin sama-sama perempuan,

tapi hakikat yang nyata,

anda lain, saya pun jauh berbeza.

Saya perempuan biasa.

Mahu hak saya apabila tiba masanya.

Bukannya mahu diperlekeh.

Dipersalahkan pabila hak cuba dipinta.

Maka, saya keras hati..

keras kepala.

"Oh, itu bukan salah saya..'

Sebab puncanya bukan dari saya.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

My rainbow.

Your rainbow is strongly shaded black and violet.

What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate mystery. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it. You may meet people who are afraid of you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Friday, November 19, 2010

25 things you may or may not know about me.

I'll keep this as simple as possible. Because 25 things are not a joke, peeps. Tagged by cik Anet.

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts or goals about you. In the end, choose 25[I'm not going to tag anyone]people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tags you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know you more.

1. A proud big sister of 5 siblings.

2. A proud 90-er.

3. A proud Cassiopeia and B2uty.

4. Easily to have a crush when I see hot guys, but can still manage to be faithful to one.

5. Good at both saving and spending money.

6. Cares more about eating than other things.

7. Love-hate relationship with Nescafe white coffee.

8. Tweets more than Facebook-ing lately.

9. A lazy bum.

10. A very last-minute person.

11. Prefers basketball and badminton than football. Oh, World Cup was an exception. ^^

12. A Germany football team newbie-fan. Thanks to World Cup fever.

13. Entertaining myself through funny videos found at Youtube.

14. Gets moody easily.

15. An annoying girl.

16. Most of the time is a reserved girl, thus people's first impression towards me is : an unapproachable type.

17. A sleepyhead - hates so much if anyone tries to disturb my precious sleeping beauty time.

18. Can study with headbanging music, but can't tolerate people making noise. Because those two are freaking different.

19. Used to be a hot-tempered person, now, gets worse by turning to a vengeful one.

20. Can be overly affectionate towards people I love.

21. Oh, I've heard a lot of people saying that they're influenced over something because of me. Hurm?? ^^

22. Earned RM 93.08 from Nuffnang after 1 year and 2 months. *sigh* I'm still satisfied tho. My effort got paid.

23. Still learning how to face failure. And it's not easy.

24. Music is a part of my life. Feels like can't live without it.

25. Wondering what I am going to do 5 years from now once I turn 25.

Today is 400th day since my beloved BEAST debuted. If you happen to be on Twitter right now, you'll see we're currently trending #400b2utifuldays as to celebrate this day.

F said:

Let's all hope everyday going to be beautiful

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Puding Roti : SUKSES!!

Tengah mood gembira yang amat walaupun seharian penat layan kerenah Ammar Aiman yang asyik meragam. Tapi yang paling penat, tentunya Mama F. Sibuk nak siapkan hidangan laksa Penang untuk juadah Hari Raya Aidiladha esok, dan masa yang sama, kena layan Ammar Aiman yang bila mana duduk dalam riba Mama je, mesti baru tak meragam. Kekeke.

Oh, nak cerita pasal puding roti ni. Pertama kali buat hari tu, tak cerita pun. Memang tak boleh nak cerita sebab masa tu kurang menjadi. Orang guna susu yang kaler putih, F gi hentam letak susu strawberi. Terbaek la weh!! Kekeke. Rasanya okey, tapi agak manis sikit.

Resipi ambil daripada kak Zack, sumpah senang gila nak buat. Kejap je, cuma masa membakar je la yang lama. Tak kisahlah, yang penting tak cerewet, I LIKE!! F tumpang copy & paste ya kak Zack.


4 keping roti [F letak 5-6 keping roti sebab tak nak bagi puding lembik sangat]
2 cawan susu segar
3/4 cawan gula [F letak gula perang 1 cawan]
2 sudu besar marjerin yang telah dicairkan [F guna mentega je]
4 biji telur dipukul
1 sudu kecil ground cinnamon [tak letak sebab tak suka]
1 sudu kecil esen vanila
chocolate chip [F guna kismis]

Cara membuatnya :

1) Pre heat oven to 175 degree.
2) Campurkan telur, susu, gula perang,ground cinnamon,esen vanila dalam satu bowl. Pukul sehingga sebati.
3) Potong roti kepada cebisan-cebisan kecil [F hanya koyak pakai tangah sudah]
4) Tuang marjerin mentega yang telah dicairkan tadi dalam baking pan.
5) Masuk roti yang telah dipotong.
6)Tabur chocolate chip kismis atas roti cantik-cantik.
7) Tuang campuran yang dah sebati tadi tu.
8) Agak roti tu tak tenggelam, tekan dengan garfu.
9) Bakar selama 45 minit.
Macam yang kak Zack dah pesan, memang puding ni naik gila-gila waktu dalam ketuhar, tapi bila dah dikeluarkan, ia akan kembali ke saiz yang sepatutnya perlahan-lahan.
Oh, F memang dasar pelahap dan tak sabar, bila dah sejuk sikit, terus potong dan bagi satu keluarga makan untuk merasa dan komen. Sepatutnya, puding tu dihidangkan esok, tapi tak tahu la sempat ke tak sebab dah tinggal lagi 3/4 je. Kekeke.


Rasanya sedang-sedang je manisnya. Agak sedap berbanding dengan yang pertama kali buat tu. Sekali lagi, terima kasih kepada kak Zack untuk resipi sedap ni.

Maaf la ye, gambar agak blur sebab ambil dengan henfon Angah dan diambil oleh si Adik besar.

F cakap:

Asyik memalaskan diri je duduk rumah ni.

Lelaki itu..

mesti dengan ketinggian 179 cm. Tak kisah la anda kurus ke, gemuk ke, berisi ke, cerah ke, gelap ke, yang penting asalkan 179 cm tingginya, boleh la tinggalkan komen...kat sini. Kekeke.

Bukan nak jadi demanding, dengan letakkan kriteria lelaki pilihan, dan sebenarnya, ini bukan pun kriteria lelaki idaman F, tetapi, memang serius tengah cari orang yang tingginya 179 cm. Sebab tengah nak cari hadiah baju atau apa-apa yang berkenaan untuk seseorang itu yang berketinggian 179 cm.

Tolonglah temankan F carikan hadiah untuk si dia tu. Pertama kali tau nak belikan hadiah untuk orang yang jauh tu. Ulang tahun ke-21 si dia tu, jatuh pada 19 Disember ni, maka kena la cepat-cepat cari hadiah dan pos ke sana, supaya tak de la sampai lambat sangat.

Takpun, kalau tak dapat nak temankan, tolong cadangkan hadiah apa yang patutnya F bagi kepada si dia. Boleh?? Kekeke.

F cakap:

Saya masih single la!!
Tapi memang betul-betul nak cari hadiah la jugak.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Of followers and chatbox

Because I'm thinking to remove both widgets..

followers widget

chatbox at the right side.

Should I or shouldn't I??

Would my blog be affected much??

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yeay!! Exam dah habis!!

Fuuuhhh~~~ Tak terkata rasa lega gila-gila dalam hati ni bila tamatnya exam Introductory Microbiology tadi. Sebenarnya, bukan tunggu sampai masa habis pun, saat-saat akhir sebelum 15 minit terakhir tadi, cepat-cepat bangun dan hantar kertas jawapan setelah disemak-semak.

Exam tadi 2 jam sahaja, padahal MCQ [mutiple choices questions] ada 20, struktur ada 8, padankan jawapan ada 10 soalan dan 4 esei yang wajib dijawab kesemuanya. Punyalah awalnya, bajet masa tak cukup, tengok-tengok, 30 minit terakhir tu, seorang demi seorang keluar awal. Iyalah, kalau dah tinggal 15 minit terakhir dah, dah tak boleh keluar dewan dah. Memang kena tunggu nak kena kutip kertas jawapan, dan pengawas periksa nak kira lagi. Lama tu.

Alhamdulillah, soalan boleh tahan la menyedapkan hati. Sekurangnya, takde la keluar dewan dengan perasaan sedih dan kecewa sebab tak boleh jawab macam paper yang lain. Inilah harapan terakhir bagi kebanyakan kami.

Nak dijadikan cerita, henfon F rosak ni. Meragam pulak dia pukul 6 pagi tadi. Sebenarnya, semalam, dah memang terhempas untuk kesekian kalinya, tapi masih okey. Tiba-tiba pagi ni, skrin gelap kejap dan bila terang balik, no network connection. Icons semua, memang dah tak nampak..tinggal wallpaper dengan background je. Tak boleh call dan receive calls, juga tak boleh hantar dan terima SMS.

Cuba buka-pasang-balik bateri segala, sehinggalah bateri tiba-tiba tercampak. Dah pasang, masa tu mula masalah.

Bateri dah hampir kong, bila nak cas, keluar popup, bagitau, please connect to Sony Ericsson battery. Cek balik bateri, memang sah-sah dah bateri SE, tak pernah tukar pun sebelum ni. Oh lupa nak cakap, ini henset SE W508, flip style, kaler putih, Biasa-biasa je henset F ni.

Adakah ini petanda untuk hampir menunaikan wishlist F untuk ada henset Nokia ke?? Tapi macam sayang la pulak henset ni kalau dah tak guna, sentimental value la katakan.

Ada sape-sape tahu nak buat macam mana ni?? Ke nak kena tunggu balik rumah, bertolak malam ni, sampai pagi esok, baru hantar kedai dan baiki??

Aduus. Seksa jiwa raga kejap bila henset rosak macam ni.

F cakap:

Rumah..oh, rumah!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Say HELLO to Introductory Microbiology..!!

My last paper would be tomorrow, and obviously, it's Introductory Microbiology as stated above. The finals would cover all chapters from the start, which are all 10 tagging along. Nice ones!!







I really, really hope I can finish revising them all today. Well 10 is not that many, right?? *sigh*

And tomorrow's night, off to my hometown!! YEAY!! Still gotta settle lots of things before I go home peacefully. Hurm..

F said:

My roomies have all gone home.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Places I love

There are only two places I have in mind right now, that I wish I could just fly to get there.

My home sweet home in Kubang Kerian.

My foster mom's little house in Brisbane, Queensland.

Gosh..those places would make me like the happiest little girl ever!!

I missed my mom's awesome dishes!! Anything she cooked or served, even like the simple scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with slices of peaches in a small bowl, would make my adrenaline rushing like crazy!! And she even served us [me and Fara] at night, at the end of the cold winter. Oh, winter's in Brisbane did not equal to having snows; no snows there. Heee.

Aiyoh..why is Brisbane so far away, mah??

I missed my Mama's cooking, whenever she's in the highest mood of cooking!! She would cook like everything she wanted, and the benefits went for me and Iwan, because we're both the eating-monsters of the house. Others don't eat as much as we both do.

Oh, Mama is still in her 'pantang' after our baby brother was delivered last month. And I guess, once I'm home this Saturday, I'll be the cook, maybe?? LOL

F said:

In the mood of homesick-ness..

In the mood of non-stop blogging [drafted 'em all]..

even I still got 2 more final papers left.


I wish I can be perfect for you

This is random. Well, random thoughts keep coming lately. Blame on the stress that the finals put on me. LOL

I wish I can dance so that I won't be awkward watching you're dancing.

I wish my height would be over 160cm so that I won't look so short standing next to you.

I wish I can be the attitude-girl that you want to, so that I can attract your attention, because right now, all I have, are weird ones.

I wish I know Korean language so that I can tweet to you and ask what's your favourite colour.

I wish I can fix your hair when the hair-stylist messed up, so that you'll look good. [Oh, you still look fine to me even though you're pretty messed up]

I wish I know how to knit a scarf for you, so that you won't complain on how cold the weather is, everyday [although I love your nags and whines].

I wish I know the reasons you never stop smiling lately so that I can share the joy of yours too.

F said:

don't betray me.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hi, I'm an A-type..!!

Just browsing for the blood types thingy randomly, when I found out the characteristics of an A-type person when he or she is in love. Oh, F..!! Just admit you actually Googled "blood type love compatibility" !!

Check yours  here!!

Those were like SO TRUE!!! Described me very well. I have no idea if this also defines other people with blood type A too, but mine, WOAH!! I'm more than impressed!!

Well, don't take this seriously. I just did this out of boredom. And because I just wanted to know with which blood type person I would be compatible. Because both my crushes are B [Changmin] and O [Junhyung]. I actually didn't find anything that relates me to them. LOL

F said:

Love doesn't know the different blood types, does it??

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jadi belon

Aku rasa muka aku dalam keadaan tengah mengembang. Padan muka, sape suruh pulun makan semalam macam tak ingat dunia. Pergi pasar malam untuk pertama kali, ibarat bawak budak pergi supermarket pertama kali jugak. Jakun. Semua benda yang ditengok, semua benda pun mau cekup.

Petang semalam, memang kehujanan sama Aina. Alasan, sebab malas nak buka payung tu. Akhirnya, bila dah sampai lebat gila, dan kami lebih mementingkan keselamatan makanan kitorang, maka baru la nak berpayung segala.

Dah bersin-bersin, memang sah, tanda nak demam selesema. Tapi selagi kepala aku OK, takde hal la. Sebab tak payah cari panadol. Dah kehabisan ni.

Makan apa ya semalam?? Lepas solat Maghrib dan mandi cepat-cepat [sebab nak elak demam], roti tempayan satu keping [oh, sumpah sedap wooh!!], nasi goreng pedas sebungkus, ayam percik yang perciknya lain dari yang lain serta tak berapa nak ada isi, berjaya ditelan. Memang dah macam ular sawa dah. Siap tersengguk-sengguk waktu makan, sebab kenyang sangat dan rasa macam nak demam.

Tu belum habis dengan murtabak ayam bentuk segi tiga, ada tiga keping, langsung tak berusik. Nak buat macam mana dah, lepas solat Isyak, terus tersadai atas katil dah. Nota langsung tak baca. Habislah, seharian dah tak stadi. Ni pun baru bangun. Nak sedapkan hati sendiri.

Bangun-bangun je, rasa muka membengkak semacam daa. Petanda nak membelon la ni. Biarpun konon-konon berat badan menten, tapi fizikalnya, tetap belon semacam dah ni.

Takpe la. Gerak dulu. Kang tak stadi langsung.

Mimpi indah ya anda semua!!

F cakap:

Hard-disks tak de jadi teman pagi buta ni. 
Baru bagi pinjam kawan kejap,
terus rasa rindu dan kehilangan gila.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bagaimana mengurangkan trafik ke blog anda??

Semua orang selalu cerita pasal nak naikkan trafik ke blog, maka baik F cerita pasal nak kurangkan pulak. Manala tahu, anda jenis yang tak suka la orang ramai-ramai masuk blog anda ni kan??

1. Private kan blog anda.

Ini cara paling senang. Bila anda private blog dan set kepada hanya author yang boleh membacanya, maka anda jela trafik ke blog anda setiap hari. Itupun kalau anda rajin luah perasaan sesuka hati kat blog tu, sampai sehari boleh jenguk blog setiap seminit. Ya, trafik naik, tapi tak de la unique views [UV].

Eh, dah tercerita pasal nak naikkan trafik pulak.

2. Jangan update blog langsung.

Tak payahla gatal-gatal jari nak menaip entri kat blog ni. Tak payah buang tenaga kat blog, baik gi study subjek Management ke, Computer ke, Microbiology ke, ada faedah jugak. Kan dok tengah finals kan, maka alasan yang baguslah untuk menjatuhkan trafik ke blog anda.

Tapi kalau blog tu dah memang sah-sah sudah femes, yang mana kejap-kejap orang tu pass url blog, orang tu pulak hasut kawan dia suruh baca blog tu, memang trafik ada je la tu.

3. Tulislah sesuatu orang yang tak faham.

Tulis dalam singkatan ke, macam tengah menaip SMS. Memang orang pun fed-up nak baca, sebab tiap kali pening apa maksud singkatan yang digunakan tu.

Tak pun, tulis dalam kod rahsia, bahasa rahsia, apa-apa yang rahsia. Biar orang baca dan pening-pening, lalu bagitau kat orang lain, "Weh, ada sape2 tahu apa yang blogger ni cuba nak sampaikan tak??"

Eh, dah macam promo blog la pulak kan. Silap-silap trafik naik je.

4. Jangan 'ping' blog tiap kali ada entri baru.

Bagi orang macam F yang sangat bergantung pada pingler untuk suruh orang baca blog, mengabaikan pingler, ibarat mengabaikan trafik ke blog ni. Maka, jadi la hasilnya 10 sahaja UV setiap hari. Best kan?? Sekurangnya 10 kan, bukan 1, atau paling teruk, 0.

5. Tutup terus blog itu.

Haaaa, ni paling senang. Untuk hapuskan trafik terus, tutup saja blog itu!!! Anda pun dah tak serabut nak kena fikir apa yang nak ditulis setiap hari. Baik perah otak, belajar untuk finals kan, kan, kan??

Entri merapu di kala kebosanan.

F cakap:

Belajar jom!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I feel so sick....

3 mugs of Nescafe white coffee, and I'm still sleepy. Instead of making me more alert and energized, the Nescafe did nothing, but the opposite. Feeling so tired. Like my energy was all drained out.

I drank my third mug of Nescafe like 4 hours ago, yet it could do any better to this sleepyhead. Upon a suggestion of a friend to watch movies or whatsoever videos, so I went for video-hunting, where else?? To Kuyah. [sorry I mentioned your name here, sweetie.]

Kept chatting with her until to a point that I felt like to lie down and sleep. Not that our chats were bored, but my body system seemed to be dysfunctional. What on earth is happening???!!

I tried to watch videos, PHAILED!! I'm still sleepy, not that sleepy, except for the obvious facts that I yawned non-stop, I felt 'high', if you know what I meant.

Tried to study, but my fingers were all trembling [and even now when I'm typing this]. Couldn't grip the pen properly. Never thought that this caffeine-overdosed-newly-habit-of-mine, could do this bad to me.

I guess, I need to stop this so-called habit for a while. Going to bed right now, wondering if I could ever sleep in this on-and-off condition.

Oh, I felt like to throw up, too right now.

F said:

Not prepared enough for finals.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Penat dan sakit.

Whaddup?? [intro stail rapper, mentang-mentang ngah bercintan dengan rapper kunun kan??]

Subjek Management, ada 8 bab masuk finals, baru habis 1 setengah. Hebar tak?? Nasib baik, 1 setengah, kalau belum stadi langsung, apa nak jadi?? Subjek lain langsung belum bersentuh, jawabnya, kena stadi jugak Microb dan Comp. tu sikit-sikit. Kalau tak, KO.

Penat sangat sebab banyak tidur barangkali. Almaklumlah, bila paper Islamic Worldview hari tu habis, selang 8 hari baru finals Management. Jawabnya, berjoli sakanla kau eh makcik.

Gangguan kebisingan masih ada setiap hari. Tak boleh nak lari dah. Aku penat nak lari, aku penat nak sakit hati. Cuma semalam, macam hari tu, kena double bising. Nasib baik bukan masa stadi.

Bisikan jahat kata, sila balas dendam. Memang nak ikutkan hati aku, nak balas sangat-sangat. Tapi last2, dendam tu hanya tersimpan dalam hati dan aku pun sakit hati sorang-sorang je. Ah, lantak koranglah.

Dah mula ketagih Nescafe. Tapi kali ni, dengan white coffee pulak, yang bila bancuh, kaler dia tetap sama macam coffee lain. Sebab pagi semalam, minum dengan perut kosong, memang perut memulas sakit. Padan muka.

Tapi itu tak boleh lawan sesak nafas waktu keluar dengan Aina, Ahad lepas. Depan-depan kaunter KFC pulak tu. Tapi dok tahankan je. Kalau nak pitam, aku tarik tangan Aina, biar sama-sama pitam. Hehehe. Alhamdulillah, cuba bertenang waktu tu, sebab kalau panik, nanti langsung tak boleh bernafas.

Dah banyak kali jadi macam tu. Cuma, kalau kat bilik, tak pe sikit, sebab aku boleh buat teknik amek beg plastik, dan cuba bernafas guna benda alah tu.

Sakit kepala dah jarang-jarang, melainkan waktu aku tengah geram hari tu je. Lagipun, kena cuba bertahan, sebab paracetamol [panadol] betul2 tinggal sebijik. Ubat selesema banyak la.

Takpe. Aku masih kuat. Insya-Allah. Doakan je la.

F cakap:

Tak sabar nak balik rumah.
Misi: jadi suri rumah tangga yang berjaya.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Less updates..

Finals were half-way done already, and 3 more papers left - Principles and Practice of Management, Computers in Science and Introductory Microbiology. All the reading-thingy subjects, y'all.

Organic Chemistry DONE!! 

Islamic Worldview DONE!!

Whatever I crapped out in the papers, I now left everything to the Allah Almighty to decide. Just keep praying that I can score.

Even I get online almost everyday, but all I do, is just checking my mailbox. Then, offline again. Abah had warned and reminded me over and over again whenever I was on the phone with him, not to spend too much time with the Internet-surfing thing, or better, just hide your lappy somewhere else.

Guess, less updates from now on. It's finals, and you don't want me to fail again, right?? Refuse to repeat the horrible story again.

Will be back blogging, whenever I feel like to. Oh, excuse me for the previous harsh entries, if that ever bothered you. I'll keep them private if you want me to do so. Please be reminded that I was overly distressed at that time, thus those entries. *sigh* It won't happen again.

Thanks for the dropping by, thanks for the comments, thanks for following and thanks for reading. This is just one plain blog where you can easily find anywhere inside this blogosphere. I wish you all, to have a good day, better than mine!! LOL.

Don't miss me. Oh, I know you won't.


F said:

I get over my stress by eating non-stop. 
And now you know why I'm having a hard time to maintain my weight.