Monday, October 18, 2010

You are the reason for me to be stronger

This week, had been stressful. Probably the stress came from the presentation [which was done yesterday's afternoon, successfully??] of Management subject. I cried, I stressed out, I screamed; anything that could be done to lighten this burden of mine, I'd done 'em all.

Yesterday morning, while I was all nervous getting ready for my presentation, I received this.

Now, you tell me, how could I not smile all the time, because of this kind of strength. Mom sent this awesome MMS, mentioning - "Ammar lena tido" [Ammar is sleeping soundly]. He's way too cute that I love him so much!!!

Even in the class, while waiting for our turn to come, I could not stop staring at the MMS; at least it gave me some sort of strength. Oh, my Mom knew well to send that picture of Ammar Aiman to me, right on the day of my presentation [and I actually wondered if my Mom did remember that today was the day].

This adorable wait until I come home again, in a month, and I'll be sure to pamper you to the max!! Oh, only after my finals are done.

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Mr muscle :P