Friday, October 22, 2010

Today, it's Kim Jaejoong on Twitter and he's trending!!

Another K-pop sensation is on Twitter, and I missed the beginning of it, unlike Yoochun's, yesterday. Blame it on my bad mood and the slowest ever Internet connection in the world, I was unable to keep updated through Twitter much today.

Thanks to my K-pop buddy, Yan for the info!!

It's Kim Jaejoong, you people!! Oh my!!! Known as the hottest guy ever among the fans with flawless skin, he's indeed the one that could make I faint if I ever meet him face-to-face even though he's not my ultimate bias.

Follow him :

The spelling of 'jeje' reminded me of the fanaccounts of the showcase when he introduced himself in English, "Hi, I'm Jeje"..LOL 

Still trembling from the shocking news of him having a Twitter account. Just yesterday, I was wondering with a friend, what if Jaejoong too had a Twitter and today, it has become a reality!!

Yoochun's followers increased from only 2K something at 12PM to 75K++ by today.

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rossoneri said...

he must be tweet in korean, right.. haih...