Friday, October 15, 2010

Simple, short-term wishes

I wish:

1. for my baby brother to get well soon from jaundice. Poor him, he even got some redness on his face, as my Dad showed some pics. And I am yet to meet him!!! Wanna kiss him much!!

2. for my Management's group members rock our presentation this Sunday. We can do it, girls!!

3. study smart and so hard for my finals.

4. to answer my finals with the best I can.

5. to get home as soon as possible after the finals.

6. or maybe I should celebrate first the freedom of finishing the finals??

7. eat as much as I want, as long I can keep my BMI in the ideal range. So far, mine was 21.1 as calculated last 10th of October, 2010.

8. to download all-I-want Korean and Japanese dramas and movies at home, after I stop myself many times because in IIUM, I'm using broadband, so I have to save for my bandwidth.

9. to clear my 2 external hard-disks[both had already reached the red mark] and so are my internal hard-disks.

10. to sleep. Yup, enough said, SLEEP. Sleep okay??

1 comment:

ken said...

all the best in achieving your wishes =)