Monday, October 18, 2010

Pre-registration session : DONE!!

Oh, my..this session had started since last Friday, but too bad, we, the Kuantan campus students couldn't log in at all until this morning. While the Gombak campus students had already settled this, we are still struggling from the failure for log-in access to no available sections for some subjects.

This morning, two friends of mine had volunteered themselves to ask about the problems at the IT department and others. Thank God, by 11 I think, most of us had already done with the session, except for few subjects.

But, some even had their access to be denied. It's found that they had to settle their study fees first, only then they can pre-register. However, most of them, especially the PTPTN second batch and JPA scholarship holders, had yet received the money. So, they had to settle first at the Finance department, by showing the sponsorship letters, in order to get access to the pre-registration site.

I really hope this matter would settle as soon as possible, since today is the last date to pre-register. Yeah, there's still registration session early next semester, but to settle this sooner, is much better, isn't it??

only applicable for IIUM students
[oh, do not enter your matric number here,
it won't work at all.
go to the website instead]

Let's have a look what subjects I'm going to take in the Semester 2 2010/2010, of Biotechnology course.

click the pic for a larger view

It seems kinda full right?? Yet, it hasn't included 2 other subjects - Bahasa Melayu for Sciences and Islam, Science and Civilization.  My life would be so much hectic in the next semester compared to this semester.


AISHA SAAD said...

iium gakk gombak! haha.

newayy tak suka pre reg period, seryeslyy disaster!
semorang pon jadik selfish tak tentu arahhh.

tapi best sebab kalo kita kalut2 no body kesahhh. macam normal jekk benda tuhh! hehe.

Roxy zai said...

waaa..kitorg sate habuk pon xleh reg taw=(