Friday, October 15, 2010

My daily blog reads #1 - Friends

These blogs, are awesome in their own ways. I guess the level of awesome-ness actually depends on each individual. But these are what I felt, when I read these blogs.

These are my friends'. I tried not to miss 'em all whenever I'm in the mood of reading blogs. I seldom leave comments there tho. What a lazy bum, F!!

1. Srii -

When I first asked her whether she had a blog or not, she said she did have one, but she kept that to private. Only months ago, she opened her blog to public, and she was well-received. You go girl!!

This girl is actually the one who designs my blog and Zaty's, too. I am somehow too impressed with her ability to know the right piece to put in my blog when she designed Fikah Mus. Hey, girl, lemme treat you to Secret Recipe or anything you wanna eat. Heee.

Oh, please, ask her by yourself, why her blog url has something to do with cicak [lizard] and lelabah [spider].

2. Anna -

Anna designs her blog by herself, too. Just like Srii, they have such a creative brain. She is also one sharp-shooter, not in terms of playing basketball, netball or whatsoever associated with that, but indeed a good photographer-wannabe. Owns a Canon, she snaps anything that was common, and turns that to a beautiful masterpiece.

3. Zaty -

This is my roomate when I was in CFS, together with Srii. Now, we're apart because we're in different couses, so the chance of meeting is rather low lately. LOL.

STill, we hang out during weekend, or whenever we bumped into each other at the cafe, or any of us visit each other's room.

Oh, she's unavailable. Is taken already.

4. Pah -

A Medical student in IIUM Kuantan. She defines herself as
Coffee Addict. Wedges Owner. Avid Bloggger. Art Lover. TheStar Reader. TheSims Gamer.

She shares her daily life with us in her own ways, which is the reason I could never leave this blog away, whenever she updates. Fun-to-read, enjoyable and marvellous.

5. Innz -

I know Innz through blog, and found out that she is also an IIUM student, but in Gombak. Taking Business as her course, she just writes anything that pops out her mind. Was featured in the blog column of Remaja magazine few months back.

She may be seen as a straight-forward person, but has a kind heart. Anonymers [anonymous commenters] "love" her to the max..jealousy much?? I don't know. Maybe you should check hers out now to know more.

My darlings!! Keep on writing the way you used to, because I just love it the way you are. Stay the same, and together we rock the blogging world!!


ken said...

it's fun to have blogging friends..
too bad my personal friends dont blog =/

I n n z said...

ki ki ki .
malu3 .
haha ! luv ya too ! ;D

a's said...

OMG!!feel like crying!!
thanks babe! love you sooooo much like i love your AA.
hye sister-in-law!

Nurul Zaty said...

saya terharu jugakk

p/s : eh awat pi mention dah unavailable?? huu. nanti xde sapa ngorat i dah..wuuu
haha. kidding.

btw. love u sis. miss u dear..