Friday, October 22, 2010

I won a contest!!!!!!!!

OH MY!!!

The first time I've ever won any contest!! I guess it's because not many joined, and luck was by my side at that time, and dang!! I won!!! I was told through Twitter last night, and was asked to give my mailing address, so they can post my prize.

It's a contest organized by the Malaysian B2UTY, when I just needed to tweet my wish for celebrating my B2ST / BEAST 1st AnniB2STary last 16th. I only tweeted what crossed my mind, and thank God, it was announced as one of the winning tweets.

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Oh, the other two tweets were aweSOOM, I tell you!! One even used B2ST / BEAST's song titles to tweet her wish. I was soooooo LUCKY!!! Oh, congrats to other winners, too!!

The left one..
is my inspiration.

Whatever the mystery prize would be, I am more than happy, excited, overjoyed etc. of winning. The feeling...was so indescribable..

u may be not my first sight love,
but u r da LOVE 
that I want to keep with me 
until my last breath 
#sob365t.happy 1st annib2stary @MYB2UTY

Follow them @MYB2UTY .

Thank you MYB2UTY!!
You made my day [night].

F said:

Now you see F, 
whenever you're feeling down, 
there's always thing 
that would get you back on your feet. 
Cheer up. 
Life is way too short for you to waste.


Roxy zai said...

all i can say is WOW!! congratz dear!

shaharil said...