Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy 1st AnniB2STary, B2ST/BEAST!!

It's been a year since you debuted last year, and I'm glad that days by days, you gain B2UTYs coming to support you.

With you, seriously, it's not even a love at the first sight. I only started to approach you this year, and gradually, I knew, I was falling in love with you guys.

Sometimes, I felt afraid that you were just my replacement for TVXQ, but sooner, I realised that, I do cherish you and love you for whom you are. TVXQ is TVXQ, BEAST is BEAST.

Your dorkiness, never fails to cheer me up every time.

Let's keep this relationship of B2ST/BEAST - B2UTYs last until our last Breath[e].

비스트 짱!!

윤두준 짱!!

장현승 짱!!

용준형 짱!!

양요섭 짱!!

이기광 짱!!

손동운 짱!!

뷰티  짱!!


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