Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Attention #3

I think this is quite important for me to tell you.

This is just a simple post [or announcement should I call that].

To anyone that has been kind enough to link my blog URL into your blog, with all my heart, I want you to please inform me that you have linked me, so that I can link you back. Well, you know, that way, together, we can benefit from each other.

I seldom miss reading the updates from the blogs that I listed once they update. So, please, feel free to drop your links here in the comments box, it's easier for me to track you back.

I thank you so much for having my blog linked in yours.


F said:

I need to apologise to those who asked me to follow their blogs, but I don't. I just don't. I mean, following blogs is each individual's right; if I want to follow, I'll be sure to follow. But to link you in my blog, it's my pleasure. Besides, I'm in the midst of updating my bloglist for the time being.

Oh, I know very well that my blog is not that famous, don't have many followers as others do, but let me keep my way of blogging for passion and satisfaction, and of course, for money, too. HAHAHA


Lisa Farhana; said...

linked u :P

Lovely Bella said...

huhuh dah lame dah link kan blog nih.. huhuh :(

haniz said...

salam singgah