Monday, October 18, 2010

Attention #2

I know how much I promised myself not to post any emotional entry here, but I just can't. Only for today.

I know I'm not that smarter than you, I know I'm such a burden to you, so I apologise now. And I think you should, too. You've done something terrible, yet you keep your mouth shut from saying "Sorry" just because I didn't mention that to you.

I've been quiet, not because I'm not pissed at all, it's just I acknowledge you as a good buddy of mine. Please, do not break that trust.

I guess, this is just my side of stories, so I think it's unfair to decide whether who's wrong or right. But I'll try my best to do everything, and after that, I wish to end any affair. With you, for the time being.

Thank you for the support, thank you for the help, thank you for being by my side all this while. But, let's stop that, okay?? I'm so tired being a fake.

And I'm so sorry, if during we, being friends, I'm not one that you wished for me to be like. That's me tho, yet sometimes I even hate myself for being such a loser.

Anna, you were right when you said I was so not good being a hypocrite. With that, I admit, I'm such a bad hypocrite. So bad..terrible one.

F said:

This was written few days ago.


cicakdanlelabah said...

hypocrisy is in the air, and the meaning has lost. and some dont even acknowledge what hypocrite is all about and just simply use the name of it. what u were doing was not hypocrites, its just a way to make urself feel better w/o hurting the other. peace! ^^

a's said...

sabar okay babe! i always be there for you.insyaAllah
feel free to talk heart-to-heart with me.jangan sedih2 okay? you are a good friend okay!