Monday, September 27, 2010

Through a phase.

I've been through a phase. A phase where I got so obsessed on that special someone, and soon as time went on, I realised that, it's merely a phase. P-H-A-S-E. And I stopped admiring, adoring and liking him, because I suddenly felt that it's tiring.

I've been loyal, faithful for some stupid reasons. Why stupid?? Because I'd liked him from afar, yet no courage to confess. Sometimes, I wondered if only I confessed, what would happen?? Would our friendship end?? Would he accept or reject me?? If he happened to accept me, will everything be ok?? Or if he rejected me, would it be a hard way or the opposite?? Oh, life is just so complicated.

Even I worried when he's been absent, or wondered why he stop communicating with me, but I came to a conclusion lately. I have lost interest towards him. Not because I've found some new blokes to drool for, but the feeling began to disappear. Before this, I even thought that I loved him, but right now, my head keeps telling me, it's ridiculous.

Because LOVE is such a big word. And has deeper meanings.

I guess, it's one kind of phase that a twenty-year-old like me is going through. Soon, the phase will be gone, and I am most probably would enter into another challenging phase, I guess.


sri said...

totally agree. Not love probably. Its a LIKE perhaps.

izzah said...

that is the way..

you'll never reach perfection bcz there's always room for improvement..yet, along the way to perfection you'll learn to get better..