Monday, September 6, 2010

My blog has a fresher look!!

Kudos to Srii, my super-duper-double-triple awesome friend, with such a smart and creative brain, she got me this new look of my blog. When I first saw it, seriously, I was almost crying, because it just suited my taste.

As requested, she made a simple, yet so beautiful header, and got my body post a bit wider.

Thanks dear!!! Much appreciated!! Gonna treat her to lunch or dinner someday, for this wonderful job of hers. Oh, you may visit her at the well-designed blog of hers - Srii.

Thanks again, Srii!! And happy belated birthday of your 20th year of Hijriah calendar!! May Allah bless you always and forever.

F says:

Excuse the time taken for my page to load, because I am yet to remove unnecessary widgets of mine. Please do forgive me.