Sunday, October 17, 2010

JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 Live In Malaysia [STICKY ENTRY]

Thanks to Redstar Presents, now we're going to welcome another Hallyu stars again in Malaysia. This time, the trio from one of my favourite K-pop groups ever, TVXQ, who now is known as JYJ [stands for Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu].

Check out the seating plan here!!!!!

After successfully organizing the Super Show 2 Concert of Super Junior, earlier in March this year, Redstar Presents once again is hyping the fans up with the good news of bringing JYJ to Malaysia on 17th of October, 2010 [previously on 16th, which I would consider to go].

At first, the venue would be at the convention centre of Mid Valley Megamall, which was later on, changed to Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, probably because the number of fans to attend keep increasing each day after they announced it a week ago or so.  Now, the event is confirmed to be around 2p.m..

The ticket prices range from RM 100 to RM 300, which I see are very affordable for almost fans.  And the tickets would be open for sales, starting from 4th of October, 2010, so you may start saving some cash or use your duit raya to get the tickets. And from what I heard from other fans, they are aiming to buy the most expensive one, if it means to get to see their idols closer.


DATE : 17 October 2010

TIME : 2 P.M.

VENUE : Stadium Negara, KL

RM 100 — Upper Level (FREE SEATING)
RM 200 — Lower Level (FREE SEATING)
RM 250 — Numbered Seats
RM 300 — Free Standing

TICKET SALES start on : 
4 October 2010

Keep yourself updated with any news regarding the showcase by following Redstar Presents Twitter, blog or Facebook fanpage, so you would never miss anything from them. Any questions regarding the showcase, you may ask them directly through their Twitter because the staffs are friendly enough to kill your curiosity.

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F says;

If they stick to the original date, I would have gone there, despite having my Management presentation on the very next day. But since it's on 17th, I really can't make it. Mianhae, oppa. We'll see each other next time then, I guess. Anyway, good job, Redstar Presents!!

Please be reminded, that I am not associated at all with Redstar Presents. I am merely a Cassiopeia who is trying to spread the good news to other Cassiopeias. And PLEASE, don't bash or push or talk bad on Redstar Present; they have done a lot to bring our beloved ones here. Be good, dear[s].


Su'ai Ysff (onyx_myc1510) said...

lor,,, 17 oktober @ AHAD?!?!?!
cane nk pegi gitu,,, uhukhuks!!!!
and, and... tix selling 1 oct,,, jpa ku belom masuk kot~~~~~~~~ uwaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!
seronok da tgk arge tix plg mahal 350,, cambest gile dah tu,, tapi mcm x kesampaian jugak je~~~!!!! (TT.TT)

natasha MDG said...

JYJ. cool. kenape lah suju ke 2PM ke buat fanmeeting mcm ni jgk.