Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm sick, so I should just sleep, shouldn't I??

Been sick. Got worst this morning when I woke up, only to realise that I had terrible headache and sore throat. But, it's only second day of Raya, still got to move on.

Later, in the evening, head started spinning, but I just ignored. Entertained myself with Youtube, got no better. Sneezing non-stop, had a runny nose, too. In fact, it's nowhere near to stop.

Oh, it's almost 2.30 in the morning, maybe I SHOULD REALLY HAVE TO SLEEP!!! So, what on earth am I doing here, typing every word in my blog?? Oh, I know just freaking scared that your blog would be abandoned.

F says:

Please..please..excuse and bear with all the crappy thingy I wrote in the above. My mind is currently not in a well state, thus the random words are all coming out.




najib said...

kira berapa ekor kambing,mesti tido punya hahaah

ken said...

i'll sleep.. lol =)