Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Untitled #3

I know you suffered.
I know you bottled up your problems.
I know you won't ever share.

I wish I could help.
Even it's just a tiny one.
Because I want to make you feel better.
Because I want you to know that
I will always be by your side
no matter what.

I saw everything.
But I knew nothing.
Because you want to be alone.
Sitting in a corner,
wondering why.

I really wish I could just
chat with you,
and asked if you're okay.
But I knew too well
that you would just ignore me.
And never let me to understand you.

If you ever think that
running away would
solve everything,
then run.
Run for yourself.
Run to nowhere,
where you would only meet the dead end.

I will just wait
till you come back.

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