Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hectic week

Starting from last week, it had been such a hectic week for me. I don't know if this would also apply to other Biotech students, but I got freaking exhausted almost everyday.

Starting with Islamic Worldview : The End of the World from Qur'anic and Scientific Perspectives presentation on Monday, Organic Chemistry lab session in the Tuesday's afternoon, and another presentation on Introductory Microbiology, of Actinomycetes, and at the same time, got to send the previous week lab report, oh, those really worn my energy out. I could barely breathe.

And on Friday morning, I got to do my hafazan of 22 Suras, from ad-Dhuha to an-Naas in front of my Tilawah class ustaz.

The exam mode has to be to turned on, starting from today, Sunday, because I will have my mid-sem exam of Principles and Practical of Management in the evening. Has covered 2-3 chapters, and got another one more to finish. Yet, I still had time to hang out with my friends at a restaurant in Tanjung Lumpur. And that, would be story-told later on.

Oh, after I finish my exam, I have to attend my Halaqah session, to break fast with other members, at the state mosque.

I wish I would still have some energy left to proceed my life to another busy week, next week.


Anonymous said...

super duper hectic..tapi masih tak lupa untuk mwmbeei nafkah kepada blog..huhu

fikah © said...

eh, semestinya.
dah azam tak mahu mengabaikan.
jadi, kena cuba hapdet jugak sikit2.