Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a day!!

Ahaa~~with Germany's victory of 4-0 to Argentina, I felt so much relieved. At least, I could register in IIUM with such a happy feeling. LOL. I'll be heading to Kuantan this Monday [tomorrow] and stay in a hotel until the day of registration, which would be on Tuesday morning.

Since my friends in Nursing had already registered earlier than us, last Friday, so I took the chance to ask for the real situation and condition there. From that, I rechecked my list to add some more things into the list. Seemed that I'm still in need of some things [i.e. umbrella, small carpet, broom, water heater, Ridsect etc.].

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Hope you would remember mine.
[i wish~~]

Oh, and today it's 4th of July, which remarks the special day of my special someone. Heee. It's Yoon DooJoon of Beast [or B2ST]'s leader's 21st birthday. He's 22 according to his Korean's age. Born in 1989, this guy really caught my eye when I first knew Beast. Saengil chukhae, DooJoon oppa!!

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Wishing you a a blissful life, for happiness to be around you always. Hope you'll lead a long and good life. Don't forget to take care of yourself, your health etc. Stay the same, we just love the way you are. I love you~~


Anonymous said...

pika,ni hazirah kwn ain yg klua sekali tem g ts 2,eh ko nk ambik biotech eh? same2, heeeee (:

kenwooi said...

the best is germany won argentina! =D

fndrocka said...

Takpelah..walaupun Brazil tak dapat jumpa Argentina kat Final...dorang masih boleh jumpa kat Airport esok pagi.

Perhitungan Si Kacak dan Wanita Gorjes

fikah © said...

kita geng!!

fikah © said...

so no chance of seeing maradona running naked around the field.

fikah © said...

boleh tukar2 autograf ke kat airport tu.