Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Self-reminder!!

Just like the fact that every living thing will die and man propose, God dispose, here are a few more things:

  1. From Teacher Nazlin's facebook status: Truth is, everyone's going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones that are worth suffering for.
  2. Not everything goes 100% according to plan. That is why we can only hope for the best, yet we still prepare ourselves for the worst. Embracing the fact that there is a possibility of something that might go wrong, keeps us on our feet just in case anything bad happens. So, okay, it didn't go according to plan, act on Plan B. Don't destroy yourself.
  3. Sometimes we forget and take things for granted, and it takes a MAJOR crisis to give us a wake up call to how shitty our attitude has been lately. Other people have feelings too. Too much criticism in one go is not constructive.
  4. Being mature is about choosing your battles. Acting, talking and deciding appropriately and rationally, and not overruled by emotions. At certain times, yes, it is good to voice out opinions, but not everything is a debate. Sometimes it's better to just shut your mouth than say something to drive your point home at the cost of a friendship or a relationship.
  5. Be the bigger person by apologizing first and admitting your mistakes.
  6. You're not always the hot shot that you think you are. 

Thanks, Kam!! These are like the best reminders that I could ever tell myself. Thanks to your beautiful words, I am inspired. Thanks again!!

Full credit : Kamilah


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the reminder :)

Lovely Bella said...

waaa.. kate2 yg menarik... n mendalam...

fikah © said...

miss faten & Lovely Bella;
credit to my dearest junior.