Friday, July 9, 2010

Life is not that hard, F..

Hey, hey, hey!! Yoohoo..., missing me, ha?? Bet you're not. Got the chance to get online, courtesy of my dearest Zaty, which in the other block of hostel, in the highest floor ever. Same as mine, it's just I'm staying in the other block. Well, my so-called Internet addiction was kinda cured, because I never felt the urge to be online for the last 4 days. No broadband, no more Streamyx, not yet to get wi-fi. That explained my absence for some days back.

Today, again, let me just summarise everything into points. Oh, how I loved doing this. LOL.

[1] I was such a big crybaby for this time, of parting from my family. Tears just came out naturally when I first found out that I would be placed in a fourth-floored room. Everything seemed to be wrong in any way. Even when anyone talked, smiled or touched me, I just cried. I wasn't like this at all, when I left for Faris Petra back in 2003, when I was just 13. But, yeah, I did cry, but never in front of my family members. Same went for my foundation studies in 2008, I cried alone, sobbed like a little girl in the shower. But I never told my family.

Too bad, this time, even when my Abah started to hug me, because he had to leave, I just cried. I bet my tears tank was way too full, that I just couldn't stop crying. And that night, I didn't remember if I could ever sleep. It's all because of this terrible so-called homesickness.

[2] The Ta'aruf Week, oh, how should I put this into words, erm..tiring. Yup, I was more than exhausted. On the first day, I was so not in the mood of having fun with anything. Being away from your friends really made me suffered so much. Since I didn't have enough sleep in the first night here, that led me to sleep almost at all briefings. Lucky me, by that day, I was already sitting with Zaty, Mira, Dayah, Munie and Wani at the right side of the auditorium, for which I slept peacefully with the chance to be caught was very low. Thanks to the comfortable, cushioned-seat, the coldness from the air-conditioner and some dull presentations, I had enough sleep.

But the second day, was the most tiring, out of all. Got to be by the Kuliyyah of Medicine [KOM] as early as 5 in the morning, and only got back to the hostel at 12 in the midnight. Oh, again, I slept peacefully, accompanied by the sound of raindrops.

[3] Millions 'thanks' also to the committee who snapped my pic with such a pouting lips and ugly face, and put it for a slide show, I was so humiliated by that. What a shame, F!! It proves how-not-so-photogenic you are to any lens. Was I hurt?? Oh, nope. It's fun, because it's a way to be famous and well-known to others. Or at least, people noticed you. LOL.

[4] The PTPTN thingy result of acceptance should be out by today, but it wasn't there yet when I logged in just now.

[5] *sob3* Germany lost to Spain's only goal at 73rd minute of the match by Puyol. I thought it was David Villa at first who scored, but it's not. Poor my Klose, Ozil, Lahm. Oh, Mueller, if only you didn't get your second yellow card in the quarter final, I'm sure you'll make a great pair with Ozil, and Podolski, too. And Schweinsteiger, your passes were always in the right time, but I wonder how you were at the match.

I didn't watch the match, no TV's available here. Huhu. And a lot of people made fun of this Germany's loss. I was heartbroken. And Sarah, too.

[6] Is it only me, who's not excited over the Eclipse at all, even with Robert Pattinson's hot look and Taylor Lautner's nice six-packed body??

Family [I wonder if any of them read my blog], friends and readers,

I hope for nothing else, except for your prayers for me. I've been so weak, inside and outside, lately, but thanks to all the warm supports I received, I gained back my strength to stand on my feet. It was so hard to deal everything when you are not in your right mind. You'll see darkness even you're standing below the bright, blue sky. That's what I was few days ago.

I guess, crying did help me to let all the burdens out of my heart. Haha. No worries, currently, I'm just fine. Okay, enough is enough, wish me all the best, would ya??


cik zatil said...

adik F lalin..

best of luck sayang
blaja rjn-rjn
d sna..

love ya!


izzahfarhana said...

mcm mana nk kawen silap.chill fikah!sekejap je 3 hari kan,no dera2.itu lagi tension.
tido nyenyak ye ;)

ney said...

fikah,xmo sedey2 ok,kami ada untuk fikah,kita sama ja,shda lagi la tercampak kat blok yg lgsung takda sape shda kenal..huuuu

big girls dont cry yeah~

fikah © said...

cik zatil;
akak sayang.
sekarang ni memang tengah usaha sikit2.
tapi kan, kitorang punya jadual semacam rilek je tau.

fikah © said...

thanks kak izzah.
selalu je support.
dah tak homesick dah.
syukur jugak sebab uia ni takde la budaya ragging macam kat tempat lain.

fikah © said...

susahnye nak jumpe cida sekarang.
ingat nak bagi makan biskut.
rajin2, datangla bilik cida syg oii.

imma big gal, but i still cry.
so, what can i do??