Friday, July 23, 2010

I want to be a cool senior too, can I???

I don't know why, but I seriously admire my Biotech seniors. Was it because they looked so cool and laid-back during the session of "Sharing Moments" [where seniors met juniors and explained the atmosphere of a university student's life]?? Honestly, I just loved the way they treated us, just like how hyungs or oppas, or noonas or unnies act in a big, big family. Well, our Biotech family is not that big actually, and I guess, that's why I could feel the strong bonds between them, and between us. I loved that.

So they talked about the concentrations offered in Bioetchnology area [i.e. marine, environmental and food]. Most of the guy seniors are in environmental one. While the senior sisters, are mostly focusing on marine and food. One senior in marine concentration, changed my perspective towards the marine thingy, that to be in that major, we all need to know how to swim. But actually, we don't have to. Because later on, you'll learn during your attempt to get scuba diving license. Still, marine is not my top option. I am torn between food and environmental.

They also shared with us how to deal with lecturers, when you should take notes, when you should just focus on the note slides only. And they cordially invited us to join and involve with the activities, organised by SCIENCESS [the society's name]. Those sounded fun to me.

Anyhow, as I get to know them later on, I hope I can strengthen the bonds between us. I love to be treated as a teenager, but no in a childish way, where I get brainwashed always. I wish they stay the same, and thanks for making me to feel like, "because you're nice to us, I'm so gonna be nice, too, to my future juniors." And you guys make me respect you so much, and like you at the same time.

Cool seniors would make cool sounded weird-lah. Urgh~~


ken said...

i like cool seniors =)

a's said...

i love our seniors too!! they are damn cool and sort of good looking.waka waka