Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thank You!!

it feels so good knowing that a lot of people actually care about you in their very own ways. i am more than grateful.

Thanks for all the concerns, endless support, beautiful words to cheer me up. Yeah, it's not the end of the world yet. So, why bother to sulk and isolate from the public, I asked myself. Rather than isolating, I would prefer to call it 'hibernating'. LOL. I just want to have a good rest and ponder over everything that happens around me.

I am one lucky girl, to have such a blissful family, awesome friends and YOU, by my side, even I am merely a stranger to some of you. Even the thing is just me, ending the crush feeling to that used-to-be-special someone, I was blessed with lots of love from all of you. I wonder if I happen to face a break-up, I should not be scared of being left alone, because I have lots of wonderful people to accompany me. I thank all of you for that.

Lots of things had happened, but too bad, I felt emotionless. I am not sad, not happy either. How I wished I could just cry my heart out, or at least laugh like there's tomorrow. But I didn't. *sigh*

Anyway, I appreciate every comment in the previous entry, and some even cracked me up!! I'll share them later. Right now, I am going to give extra care to myself, and YOU, too, got to take care of yourself, okay??

THANK YOU!!! *bow*


All the comments, for sure, would be replied later.

And dear ney and izzaradhiah, thanks for the awards!! I would post an entry [or two] soon.


jfook said...

Wow, there are so many people care about you. :) You're so lucky.

kenwooi said...

appreciate those who matters =)

cik zatil said...

kerana dirimu begitu