Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm So Sorry, Nuffnang...

This is not my first time doing the same thing over and over again. It happened twice already [refer : What Have I Done??!!], yet I'm still ruining everything. Too bad, F, it's too bad.

I actually had a hard time remembering if I ever did enter any Nuffnang contest to win movie premiere screening, until I got this e-mail. At first, I really thought that NN might be mistakenly sent an invitation to the wrong person. But, no, they weren't, because I did comment the 'Killers' movie thing, weeks ago. And I actually got myself 2 free tickets. Oh, man!!

I missed Avatar, and Sherlock Holmes, too. And now, it's Killers.

Credit : here.

Got Ashton Kutcher there!!
Credit : here.

If you watch Grey's Anatomy,
you may know her as Dr Izzie.
It's Katherine Heigl, y'all!!
Credit : here

How I wished I were still in Malacca by that date, which is just a -2-hour trip to KL. Anyway, thanks a lot, NN!! Guess that tickets would be given to someone else luckier than me.

Interested?? Click here for more information.

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