Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Updates!!

Well, nothing much to share, except for the fact that I would summarise what happened today. Hahaha. It sounds so funny, isn't it??

[1] I missed to watch the Legend of Star - TVXQ on 8TV at 1p.m., not because I woke up late, instead it's because I was too eager to post an entry, causing me to totally forget that show. And that caused me to only freak out 8 hours later. Daym.

[2] Went to Mydin Mall, just to accompany my Angah to get some of her groceries [ceh, I sound like she was an ahjumma or what], before she'll get back to Tanah Merah Hospital by tomorrow. Yup, she's younger, but shes been doing the practicals for the third time already, yah!!

[3] I've been reading lots, I mean LOTS of posts by Timothy Tiah [yup, the one who admins and manages the Nuffnang], his sweet, innocent-looking gf, whom he called Hello Kitty, Audrey of fourfeetnine, and not to forget, Huai Bin, the one who loves cooking so much and he even made an RM 62.85 Maggi dish!! [oh, I remember knowing him, as Sixthseal of Project Alpha Season 1, and from ThePinkStilettos, when she reviewed about Jaya One].

[4] Oh, I've also been up to Project Alpha Season 2, by joining the contest at ruumz. To answer the questions, I spent most of my time after shopping, watching the videos of PAS2.

Uhh. It's been a busy [busy haa??] day, even though I am no longer working. Never thought that surfing the Net would be this tiring.

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