Sunday, May 2, 2010

Out of Boredom

I was kinda tired and bored. So, I hanged around in Angah's room, alone, since she's back to Tanah Merah. And, I had nothing much to do, since the TV has been conquered by the two biggest fans of football, named my Abah and Iwan. It's a match between Liverpool and Chelsea, as told by them.

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[liverpool chelsea]

Chelsea is currently leading by 1 goal, ahead Liverpool. Accidentally found the result when I googled for "liverpool chelsea". Check it out here. [updated : Chelsea leads by 2 right now!! The match is in second half already, only 17 minutes left]

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[liverpool chelsea]

Hurm..I'm so gonna missed the AIM 17 that is currently on air. Missing the funny duo MCs, Afdlin Shauki and Adibah Nor.

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[aim 17]

Wanna know who are nominated for tonight's awards?? Click here.

Well, acting childishly, I sat around, snapped some pics of Oyen, my new partner. Oh, I forgot to introduce him to all. He's cute, and worth my RM 40. *giggled*

What a big teddy you are, dear.[well. I had no idea that he seemed to be smaller on the pic]. Even my naughty Moy is scared of his big size. Heee.

If you wish to get this as yours, you may visit one stall at the third floor of Berjaya Times Square, located at the center of the floor. Don't be fooled by the prices, because they may offer you the cheaper ones. Oyen was RM 68 before I even asked, and then they gladly sold it for RM 40.

Gotta go. I'm so immersed with these cute cuppies, made by a good friend of mine. Orders are only taken from face-to-face and phone calls. No online requests yet as she's still constructing her own cuppies website. Available, starting this month!!

Credit : Srii.

She, Srii, is gifted and talented like seriously. She made cute cuppies, and she's very GOOD in designing web. Any enquiries, you may refer to her blog, by her name, in my blogrolls. Or just click on her name above.

That's all. Chaw..

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